Getting started with first differentials

Hey! I’m new to all this craziness (and loving it) and want to make sure I’m on the right track.
I have worn gas permeable lenses since 8th grade and glasses since kindergarten. My current prescription is -5.75 both eyes with some astigmatism of course. I haven’t ever been able to wear soft contacts because my astigmatism was too much.
I have been wearing my first set of differentials (+1.50) for two days now over my contacts. I ordered them generically from Zenni. I wasn’t sure if going in a drug store and trying glasses would be ok during all this covid nonsense. So, I can see great up close, even out to just past arms length. Maybe I need +2.00? or more?
If I’m outdoors wearing them and squint and try really hard I can actually see rather well. I hope thats a good sign…
Just getting started with active focus, and need to read more on that.
Looking forward to positive changes, thanks for all the contributions to the forum!


Welcome! I’d say, if you see clearly and are experiencing no eye strain due to overcorrection, just keep them and enjoy well adapted correction for once. EM is not about “no pain no gain”, it’s really about getting yourself extra comfortable, then getting out of the comfort zone an inch at a time.


Don’t make changes too drastically, give yourself time to adapt and step down slowly. Developing the habit of using your differentials is important at the beginning, too much blur challenge may tempt you to take them off and fall back to the full prescription contacts.

The Zenni readers are generally higher quality than drug store ones. Anit glare coating and custom PD is a good thing, and you have the option of unequal lenses if you need that in the future.


I wouldn’t put any emphasis of the value of squint improvement. Not sure it really means anything unfortunately.

Welcome to our corner of the internet. Good luck with the active focus.


Thanks for the responses everyone!