Glasses - Designed To Create Dependency


Just reading this stuff keeps me putting in the time. It’s completely outrageous what is going on here.

And hey … who knew that you could be a hugely profitable drug pusher without even having to formulate drugs - just some clear pieces of curved plastic, misleading the public on health facts, some lobbying, a little screen addiction … and bam you’ve got a 100 billion dollar a year business. Congrats, lens manufacturers. Well played.


Hey Jake, thanks for adding my above post to this forum. Today being Monday I have not had much screen time for the last two days. Looking at my monitors this morning, I have noticeably better vision than I did last week (without glasses). It is getting to the point where I am having difficulty measuring my cm since my arms are not long enough to reach the screen :slight_smile:

For all of those that still have doubts, this stuff works. Just follow the program and most of all enjoy the progress no matter how small it is.


Trick now is to figure out how much screen time you can introduce without losing noticeable acuity. There’s definitely a balance and once you know where the number is, you can start making adjustments to get you closer to it!