Glasses for medium distances?

Hi everyone! Newbie here, started my EndMyopia journey just last July 1st. I’m in the lower myopia range with a -2.75 left eye and -2.00 right eye.

I’ve had good progress after applying the fundamentals (less close-up screen time, more time outdoors, AF and eye measuring as habits) that in recent days, my left eye is recording -2.50 using the centimeter method. :grin: (Thanks, Jake and EM community!)

My normalized is a -2.25 left eye and -1.75 right eye and I currently do not use a differential as I can still see close range (including computer distance) with only a slight blur, enough to apply/practice AF.

With this, I have a question relating to the in-between distances:

  • Is it advisable to have a different pair of glasses for medium distances, ex. ~7 feet, for watching TV? My normalized is too strong for this distance, while not using any correction puts me in an uncomfortable amount of blur.

All your inputs will be helpful — thank you so much :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I am in this situation too- normalized work well for outdoor distances but are too strong for indoor things like watching TV 10 feet away. I think a second pair of weaker glasses could help you improve even more.


I don’t think it’s “required” for EM but it seems like a reasonable idea to me to have a pair of “indoor” glasses that let you get a little bit of focus challenge on the TV screen. As you improve further you could use those as your outdoor normalized sometime in the future. Since your current level of myopia lines up well with “computer screen” viewing distance you don’t really need glasses for the computer, but still need them for “intermediate distance” like TV, and “full distance” like being outside.


If you need it for the TV, it would make sense to get a pair of glasses with just enough diopter for the 7 feet distance.
For indoors in general I would encourage going without corrections most of the time, practice AF during the day: reading labels on the things on the counter in the kitchen while waiting for the water to boil, micro to heat food, etc, in the bathroom the bottles of the shower gel, shampoo, etc while brushing teeth. And sometimes wearing the TV glasses to take note of the difference in acuity.
As you’ll reduce your normalised, you’ll notice that the glasses free bubble with really good clarity will become bigger and bigger until you will see no benefit of wearing glasses indoors at all.


Jake says no.


Thanks, @dharini215! Nice to know someone in the same situation. :slightly_smiling_face: have you been using a weaker pair of normalized and how is your experience with it?

This is smart, @nycmao, thanks. :grin: great to view it for the long-term!

Same here, @BiancaK :slightly_smiling_face: I also do not wear glasses for most indoor activities and if I get that weaker pair, it will only be for watching TV. How’s your experience in using the TV glasses?

The current quarantines and rainy season in my country have significantly limited the amount of time to spend outdoors to apply AF and relax my vision. So I thought of compensating for times like this by doing AF on that little focus challenge on the TV screen instead.

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Thank you for linking this here, @DirkVA! This is exactly what I have been looking for. I watched a lot of Jake’s videos but missed this one :sweat_smile:

There are so many that it’s easy to miss one amidst so great a bounty! :slightly_smiling_face:

The generalized advise suggests against extra glasses for different distances, but that’s primarily to keep things simple (simple rules are easy to make into habits and sustain for years), and avoid having to juggle glasses.

That said, if you’re OCD like me, then you can definitely use as many glasses as needed. In my day I use four “prescriptions” (one of which is naked eye). I have outdoors/driving as my “norms”, a quarter diopter weaker for inside my house (e.g. TV viewing), another pair for PC work (diffs), and a fourth (naked eye) for phone use. This gives me good active focus opportunity throughout my day while minimizing the need to accommodate close.

But I’m OCD that way.

Once you understand/grok EM and it’s fundamental principles, it’s easy to tailor your version as you want to. That’s why it’s advertised as do-it-yourself. Though I do believe Jake offers paid versions for those who want more structure.


My glasses are:

For eye improvement/reduced lens method with TV:
cheap frame currently L-2,5 R-2,25

For living:

  1. expensive frame L -2 R-2 (if indoor work is needed with better vision like floor cleaning)
  2. expensive frame L -3 R -3 (for driving)
  3. expensive frame L -4.25 R-4.25 (absolute exception use and very short time)

I should buy -1 or -1.5 lenses for living soon.

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@jonunez I’m currently at -1.5 but I find using -0.5 for indoors/watching TV helps.

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Actually the above was my opinion for people who watch TV on a proper big screen. I don’t have a TV set or a TV monitor. So N/A for me.

I have opto confirmed “no glasses needed” now.

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Excellent explanation. Great link!