Glasses for slowing myopia progression - another pseudo-science?

Contrast reduction glasses, a recipe for disaster?

Up to this point in the presentation I’ve gathered that she’s a minus 9 myope talking about stopping the progression of myopia and knows more about color vision genetics than anyone else on earth. Goes off on a genetic tangent and a rare condition (after mentioning that half of the world’s population will become myopes), thereby paying obligatory lip-service to “genetics” and myopia.

Then she acknowledges that screens are a problem and that the “Standard of Care” of constantly updating kid’s prescriptions are contributing to myopia progression–Certainly on the right track.

Talks about her own experimental data and recognizes that some children’s eyes reduce in axial length, explains it away as “choroid thickening during the first two weeks.” Doesn’t pursue myopia reduction or axial length reduction further(!)

Compares some other myopia-control solutions in the rest of the presentation… atropine, coopervision lenses.

Amazing how supposedly smart people can completely miss the boat and spin their wheels in the same ruts for their entire careers.

She figured out how to reduce myopia for two weeks, and then goes back to how to slow its inevitable progression using reduced contrast lenses. :woman_facepalming: