Glasses Rx troubles - please help!

Well my umpteenth attempt in the past 3 years to get a glasses Rx that works for me is the same as all the rest. I’m new to this EM game but having great success getting AF down when my eyes are ‘naked’ and when I wear the goofy test lens glasses while I work on the computer. I wear contacts during the day (with +1.5 lenses for differentials) and find it hard to get AF with them because it makes my contacts blurry. So I really really really want to get into glasses. I’ve been to two optometrists and their multiple attempts have failed. My own attempts have failed, I think.

So here’s the data…
My contacts Rx is R -5 -2.25 L -7 -1.75 these work well for me now.
My measurements lately are R -6.5 L -8.25
I used the test lens kit and am comfortable for long periods of close up work with R -5 -2 L -7 -2.
So I just ordered 2 pairs of specs based on my test lens kit use:
R -6 -2 L -8 -2
R -5 -2 L -7 -2
And I ordered another as a conversion from my contacts Rx: R -5.5 -2.25 L -7.75 -2

All the glasses are incredibly uncomfortable and the -5/-7 is not similar to what I get with the test lens kit. (I kinda expected that because the obvious differences, but no this off.) The R is pretty clear. It could be a normalized distance Rx. The L is blurry and would probably work well as a close up w the computer closer.
The other two pairs are both pretty uncomfortable to wear for any long period for anything. This has been the story with all the glasses I’ve tried the past 3 years.

So, I’d love some advice…
-Have I perhaps not given the glasses enough time and need to adjust to them? Should I maybe practice AF in them more, even though one eye is not strong enough and the other is clear?
-Should I go back to the opto and see if he can help? I think he’s measuring my eyes fine and it’s matching the measures I get on my own but somehow the glasses don’t translate.
-Should I try another Rx on my own, tweaking based on what I’m getting with the -5/-7s?
–Could switching back and forth from contacts to glasses be making it hard to adjust? (I struggle to do my job well when my eyes are strained from glasses so I just put my contacts in so I can work effectively)
-Should I just stick with my contacts and use + lenses for differential? I could do my first reduction now. This would just hinder me from practicing AF as effectively during the day.

I know, kind of a jumble going on here. I appreciate any help, advice, or similar experiences soooo much!

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My advice would have been to get a test lens kit, but… sounds like you have one, and it isn’t helping. The fact that what you get as correct with test lenses do not match with what you experience in glasses is odd.

This wouldn’t be what I would suggest. In my experience, my clearer eye does the work and my blurrier eye doesn’t bother if there is too much discrepancy. May work for you, but that is just my experience.

If their measurements are matching yours are matching your glasses, then that would suggest you are doing something right… You could always see whether a different opto would give you a similar result or not. They can vary widely!

I think this is what I would do. Up the strength in the blurrier side, drop the strength in the clearer side… maybe order the same pair of frames so if the blurrier side now feels good, but the clearer side now feels too blurry you can mix and match by popping lenses out of frames and putting different combos in*
*Note - I did this, and it sometimes takes more work that you might expect, but it is do-able.

I don’t really wear contacts, so I have no experience here, but I would think it may take a minute to adjust, but if the correction is appropriate, it shouldn’t be a big deal…

why would wearing contacts make it harder to do active focus? If you had a normalised correction for your contacts, plus lens differential glasses for over the top, and a pair of -0.25 glasses to add over contacts for demanding situations like night driving, then you should still be able to do active focus in contacts… couldn’t you?

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Thank you so much for reading and giving thoughtful and specific advice! I just saw one of your videos for the first time yesterday and look forward to watching more.

Switching around my lenses from the many pairs of glasses I have seems like the best move. Thankfully, I’ve ordered the same frames every time and have like 6 different variations lying around :joy: so I can practice taking them apart and have many different choices for lenses. This will be my first attempt and then I’ll go to the opto if I can’t get it that way.

As for AF in my contacts, I guess there’s two types of AF for me (and maybe for everyone but I haven’t looked at any material on distance vision yet). There’s relaxed seeing which I can do in my contacts. It works well for distance and some close up. But if I really want to clear blur to crisp clarity with AF, my eyes go through this intense pulling sensation and a lot of tears before it clears, and I have to go awhile without blinking to get there. And all of this makes my contacts turn slightly, which throws off the axis for astigmatism correction and my vision gets blurry. So I can just practice this in the morning and at night when my contacts are out and just do relaxed seeing during the day and I’ve been getting good results from this so far, gaining 0.5 -1cm in the past month. So maybe just sticking to what I’m doing is the way to go. But, I would like to be able to wear glasses in the evenings when my contacts get uncomfortable no matter what route I take.

Thank you again! Your advice was helpful :nerd_face: