Good day, Bad night

My vision is good during daytime , i am able to look outside, active focus , my eyes feel more relaxed but during night i can’t look outside as there is nothing but dark only and i am not able to active focus inside my house at night which i could easily do during daytime . this makes me frustrated during night and i end up doing close up work without break. and this makes my eyes worse again the nxt day. how to battle this ? (night time) @jakey @NottNott

Use screens less, or don’t worry about it. People freak out over screen usage here for some reason, it affects people differently. In my experience screen use isn’t a big deal.

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but the next day it feels like it cancelled out my improvements

and how to active focus at night inside the house and how to AF outside as the light outside is very low @NottNott

and bro i am your big fan thanks for replying @NottNott

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Reevaluate all parts of the puzzle, normalized too low maybe. Did you truly find active focus. Are you getting sufficient distance vision etc.

How to find active focus in general has been written about extensively elsewhere. The process of AF at night is no different to that of the day. Everyone’s eyesight is worse in darker lighting. Reading more will help here.

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does AF work on every blink for pros and if yes then how to do it? @NottNott @jakey

What do you mean?

Please don’t make loads of new threads

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i mean i was assuring if AF gets reset for people who have been doing this for quite a time @NottNott

When you blink? For me yes, but you just AF again after

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Yea @Pranto. Also quit tagging me in your questions please.

I used to say this about my past wanton drug use also.


omg JAKE STEINER is replying to my posts :astonished: but what does this statement mean? r u disagreeing with @NottNott @jakey

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He’s totally disagreeing with me :open_mouth:

He’s right if you want to be safe. You will end up experimenting for yourself with this eventually and see what works and what doesn’t for you. Jake has been right about every other thing I’ve ignored him on the past, and he’s probably right about this thing too somehow. @Pranto