Good idea to enlarge the desktop/laptop font?

On most browsers and software these days the font can be enlarged. Perhaps with shortcut of Ctrl and mouse scroll forward.

With larger font it allows you to have a large distance between your eye and screen.

Is this a good idea or am I missing something?


@Viceroy.Sam I’ll let experts jump in in case I’m all wet, but YES … enlarging fonts enables you to move your head farther from the screen - and that is clearly a good thing if you’re able to better (active) focus and relax that ciliary muscle. I do this regularly now and have found superb results in expanding my in-focus near field distance.

FYI, I also installed color “reverser” add-ins to my browser to convert the black text on white background to white text on black background. I’ve found that, in addition to enlargement, this also reduces glare and eyeball washout. YMMV but give it a try.


Thank you for this suggestion!
I’m now using add-on called Dark Reader , much better then others I’ve tried before.

@Viceroy.Sam Thanks for this link. In Firefox, I’ve been using “Invertcolors” add-on, which is simple and works well. But I’ll check out DarkReader too and enjoy some choices.

For my eyeballs, white text on dark screen seems to produce the least amount of eye tension - and the larger the font, the more I can let my eyes relax while keeping the focus crisp at a longer distance.

@Viceroy.Sam Thanks again for pointing out DarkReader. After a side-by-side, I think I prefer InvertColor add-in for Firefox… the key strokes are simpler (Opt+R, for “reverse”), there’s a clickable icon on the individual page, plus there’s a clickable icon for global on/off inversion of all pages. The functionality seems a bit smoother too.

Regardless, being able to optimize the B&W choices and contrast to ease the strain on eyeballs is awesome with either app. :+1:

Definitely a good idea! Since i increased my desktop screen distance as well to a little over 1m now, I experienced a great improvement in my eyesight, so i would say increasing screen distance by increasing font size and or moving your screen further away really helps a lot. Good luck!

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