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So completely unrelated to health but at the moment I’m looking for help into this Google account BS.
Google suspended my account claiming my age needs to be verified with a government ID or a credit card. Both of which I am not going to provide. Does anyone know a way to contact google. A search for this only brought up their frequent questions list.
Also has anyone had this happen to them? Probably should have switched to another email but this was not an issue I expected. Really stupid excuse for gmail account to be suspended.

It’s a scam - don’t give them anything.
Report the phishing to Gmail. This is what I found online

Report a phishing email

  1. On a computer, go to Gmail.
  2. Open the message.
  3. Next to Reply Reply, click More More|Autox18.
    Note : If you’re using classic Gmail, click the Down arrow Down Arrow.
  4. Click Report phishing .
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Sounds like phishing to me.

Hannie I cant get to my email at all even if I was going to try to “verify my age” google doesn’t give me the option because I cant login. This isnt an email phishing

I am so computer illiterate that I cannot help you here. I am sure someone else can. Good luck.

Have you tried here?
Read a little more and if you have not set up a Google Pay account they cannot ask you for this ID.

If you’ve set up alternate recovery mechanisms, go look for recover my account on the Google site.

Unfortunately I have tried this and it has the same message Looks like you’re not old enough. So at this point I am certain that google has deemed my email content a threat to the “social norm”

Are you sure you don’t Have malware on your computer?

Sounds like you’re ending up at not-Google.

Try from a library computer or kiosk somewhere.

That’s just not like Google

I’ve probably had my account for more than 13 years, so they know I’m at least that old. :slight_smile:

No this was a message sent to my phone I didnt try to login or anything and I know it was google. The COPRA deal that they had to make with youtube caused google to make rule changes but the problem is that goes into effect end of March and they didnt give me a notice before they locked my account… well at least not that I know of. I even checked my back up email and didnt see that they were notifying me.
This is why I am trying to see if anyone has a way to contact gmail because the demand for ID is not going to be something I do. And I attempted to download my info but it was going to take a very long time and I dont even know what is what.
4 different downloads at over a half hour each. I cant even recover my email as if it was hacked. Every way I try it gives me the same message. The need to verify I am over 13 by ID or credit card. Dont think that google would not change rules to just screw people over. They apparently changed my age because I didn’t claim a birthdate of 2008.

Honestly I would have never used gmail if it wasnt for the demand to use my phone functions. Then i just used the service because i hate having multiple accounts and pretty sure i started it in 2009

You could put the cc in then take it out after recovering your account. You could even do it with a visa cash card with $50 on it.

I dont own credit cards and google isnt going to get my bank card and the card has to be with a bank to verify age. Plus it is ludicrous

Make another account, claim your actual email address as a descendant, then authorize yourself as an 18 year old?

I have thought about this but haven’t figured out if it will work

Well at least maybe they got an email first I got a notification it was locked! I could care less about most platforms from Google o can work around the BS but I did have things in the drive. I searched today about a parent account and it says the under 13 person has to allow permission to the “parent” to access the account. How do you do this if you cant even login and what sense does that even make!
Was hoping to find a techy here with all the computer jobs that can help with a direct contact email or something. It’s a email service for crying out loud Why cant you email someone

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Thanks Kent I’ll give that a try

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