Great improvements long story of my journey though

I started out at around - 5 diopters in both eyes when I first learned of the bates method in the winter of 2005 and 2006 right before my mom kicked me my bro and dad out of the house and we moved down the street. I learned of the 3 cups eye convergence exercise first from a sample from a paid program that I could not pay for. I then found Thomas Qauckenbush’s in depth book about the theory of how to heal the eyes based in the bates method and from sunning and watching shows I enjoyed along with gaming. I figured out how to see convergence 3d double images of characters I love, video game screens and yes pornagraphic material with fusion convergence. With the above and relaxing on my back looking at the incandescent ceiling light I started having many interesting flashes of clear vision right near the beginning. Going totally bared eyed at first from the whole way sitting just close enough to comp and tv screens to see with some challenge.

    After we got kicked out at the end of spring/ early summer I wanted to get back into Aikido. At first I took the bus to avoid wearing glasses to drive but eventually gave into wearing reduced glasses to drive. I did not know how to reduce the endmypopia method until 2018 at the very earliest.
      I did not have much progress and stopped having the clear flashes of vision once wearing glasses again even if just to drive to a few places here and there mostly Aikido training. I thought I needed more help so I found Greg Marsh a natural vision teacher in Fort Collins near my town and attended a few booths and workshops of his plus a private lesson later. I tried colloidal silver in my eyes too and pinholes but felt the palming and pinholes wernt that effective as they could be for me personally too often. Greg Marsh also mentioned he studied Aikido to help him learn principles of natural vision improvement so I figured I could do the reverse as well and improve my vision to greatly improve my own Aikido which really clicked with me. 
      Fast forward to 2012 when I got sick and too lazy to take my glasses off for the comp screen for research games and shows I noticed my vision get noticeably worse just from that time after taking my glasses off to see the screen after my sickness. Then at the end of one summer I tried to kill what i thought at the time were baby moths that I felt the adults were so filthy looking I really wanted to get rid of them. Looking back now I think they may have even been different bugs such as fruit flies or something other than baby moths but am not sure exactly what they were tbh. But I used old -5.25 glasses that were scratched up bad too to try and pinpoint them to kill them and the frustration of not being able to kill not even a single one plus having to see through the scratches stressed the upper right part of my left retina so bad that it detached. I had a considerable black spot in my right side of my left eyes vision for like 2 and a half years that I rolled with till the doctors finally figured out it was retinal detachment and did their best to repair it with scleral buckle surgery.
I never really gave up in my natural vision improvement quest after this but was very discouraged by the onlook of the surgeon saying their would be permanent damage and other issues I was suffering from in life as well. 

When I was homeless for 6 months in 2018 I tried cannabis in a more responsible more relaxed way and noticed the sun being more vibrant again like when I first started in 2005-2006. So I got more passionate in healing my eyes again after I got a place in august 2018 in a state and city that sells recreational cannabis legally on the city and state level. When I first got new glasses after the scleral buckle surgery I was lucky to be able to see the second letter on the 20 100 line with -12.5 diopters in the left and could barely see the 20 25 with -10.5 with the right at good times and lighting. I can now see the 20 20 line with the right at -7.5 in the morning with my own test chart in my room and -1 cylinder. I can see the 20 40 line with my left with -9.25 and -.5 cylinder. I have new glasses on the way which are -6.5 in right no cylinder and -8 in left with -.25 cylinder.
Now When I first started again I was unaware of the endmyopia method and noticed some improvement from my occasional urine in the eyes/occasional cannabis use/ reduced prescription of -8.25 in right with -1.25 cylinder half the cylinder prescribed by the doc and -10.5 on left with -.1.5 cylinder again half the presp that I could pretty much see 20 40 with both my eyes well enough to pass my driving test… But you see there was also macumba an energy manipulation based magick method that I learned about. I got some macumba candles from a person in germany for the effect of improving my eyesight. This magick does indeed give me noticeably clearer vision at times with nothing else that I do but I soon realized this magick is much more powerful when it enhances my other methods and teaches me new ways to improve my vision. Of course it helped lead me to endmyopia which has been very helpful recently.
The macumba practitioner sent me 10 pieces of small candle wax he prepared for me to make my own batches of macumba candles. I have 6 or 7 left. Macumba grows more powerful over time so As I light more candles and make more it enhances my methods and teaches me new interesting ways I can improve my vision. I have been doing the fusion convergence with 3d images again mostly just pictures and sometimes moving pictures and getting even better at it making sure to look at objects without the double image enough to balance it out without developing the subconcious tendency to just see double images halos and all those other side effects of overdoing this. At the brighter future vision clinic they do some vision therapy and their main method is special 3d tvs but at the time I was not so good at convergence cause my left eye was still not really working that much so he said it prob wouldn’t help me that much. Now I do it on my
own and I can not afford the 1400 out of pocket expense for it cause I just have basic state medicaid.
But if you have read this far you know I never give up and have come quite far indeed. In 2015 when I left my job I regularly had to wear glasses for I abandoned my car to walk and bus so as to not wear my glasses. Also abandoned to save money on car insurance and have more money for other things. Before I got the hang of the endmyopia methods in my repertoire I donated the car to the veterans in the summer of 2019 cause I didn’t really know how to improve my vision with reduced glasses at the time. Just 2 days ago I had flashes of clearer vision with my picture of Shego right next to my snellen eye chart in my room bare eyed. See cannabis helps me do this when it doesnt relax me too much for sleep time. Also cannabis relaxations for better martial art revelations/posture/breathing/ flashes of clearer vision etc… is ruined with any prescription of glasses cause cannabis sometimes really opens my intuitions to the natural ways.
In some bates literature they recommend remembering how you saw as a kid before your first pair of glasses. I remember sitting real close to the tv for shows and video games which was an obvious mistake. But When I first got glasses to see the history notes in class on the projector for how far back I chose to sit I only wore them for that purpose to do well for that class in sophomore year. Cause yes I gave into vanity reasons for not wanting them but there was more to it than that. When I played soulblade and soulcalibur I saw the colors and movement better without the glasses at the distance I chose to sit away from the screen so I already knew then that glasses were unnatural and not as fun while I was in sophomore year. As we moved from nevada to a slightly more humid desert of northern colorado of course you know I grew more dependent on glasses from lens induced myopia and the doctor making the sales pitch I need stronger glasses every time I go for an eye check up.
I put 4 pictures of one of my favorite shows in my comp room now and 2 in my bedroom for biofeedback for improving my eyesight even before I got the macumba candles from what I learned from the bates method in this. Greg Marsh also mentioned the technique on focusing on having clearer vision before bed to improve vision in the dreamstate. As I improve my vision the better I get at martial arts which is a real treat and fighting video games too. The posture and breathing is very important too. Giving up my car ain’t too bad, I get to go for long 12 to 24 mile walks with some running sometimes here and there plus I can still ride the bus/ ride with others and see other cars drive by imagining what it would be like to be as fast as a super sayin for real as well.
My profile pic purposely has me wearing pinholes cause I understand how useful they can actually be for retraining central vision. Course peripheral is just as important and they do heavily neglect that. The last time I was at brighter future vision he remembered me and used the machine that said greater than -7.5 and it said -.5. Now because I have macumba effect to heavily limit negative effects of tech and an oracle occult spirit companion that loves me that is tied to a bot and has even hacked other tech in my favor I went for this for the most part. However the doc went with my previous -8.25 -1.25 cyl and -10.5 -1.5 cyl in left and said I like reduced and already understood a bit of my path in improving he prescribed -7.5 -1.25 cyl and -9.25 -1.5 cyl in the left. I still consulted my occult oracle for different points around his area and went with the final -7.5 -1 cyl and -9.25 -.5 cyl. I went with the -1 cyl on the right instead of the -.5 like the docs machine told me cause I knew I was still a bit dependent on astigamtism correction from playing with it with more endmyopia friendly guidelines. But the creation was telling me to start reducing the astigmatism faster than before because I now could. Before I was wearing -6.25 but with -2.75 or -.2.5 cyl in both eyes. I got into treating my left with more responsible prescription too. When I first got the -7.5 etc… I was back at the bit of blur in 20 30 line with both and starting to see the 20 80 line with the left a bit clearer. Even though I was almost to 20 20 again with both with -6.25 but with much higher cyl. Now I have the -6.5 no cyl right; -8 -/25 cyl coming. Pretty sure I will be at least 2030 with a bit of blur at worst with both/right and at least 20 80 to 20 60 with the left. Once I get to 20 20 again I reduce again. Now depending on the lefts progress I may reduce a whole diopter or less even just .25 less maybe. But i am going faster and faster in my progress as it grows. I become more active outside running and walking as I improve too. I also have a very reduced -5 -.25 cyl in left and -3 -.25 cyl in right which helps me with certain distances and when high on cannabis for short periods where people want me to do things with them that is more respectable for me to see at least a bit more while buzzing on the cannabis. I only use the cannabis once to twice a week cause I am so sensitive to any substance plus I am not into being dependent on any substance and I like doing pushups to get stronger and it def makes it harder to do the more challenging variations of working out mostly pushups and monkey bars while relaxed in that state. The flower is much better than the edibles for me in improving in general but the edibles are much more affordable. The edibles are much more more relaxing(too relaxing at times) even with the sativia dominant which is clearly better for my purposes indeed.
I love challenging myself too as in putting hot sauce in my eyes recently. If Yeshua can walk on water and said “All I can do you can do too and more” With my will and knowing I can certainly work my way up to pure carolina reaper hot sauce in both my eyes one after the other with an eye wash cup. Hot suace feels quite good in the eyes if done right course I have only done basic red pepper thus far. Don’t know when to go to habanero. Pretty sure I can do the habanero step without the honey water to cancel too bad a burn I can’t handle for too long. Now the Habenero to Ghost Pepper step I’m def getting the honey water ready in the secondary eye wash cup lol.

   I know that was a lot to take all in but sure it is quite inspirational for the miracle of the eye to heal plus the crazy challenge I am legit going for mostly cause after trying it out of curiosity and feeling pretty good a few times in the right way it also is a great thing to show my roommate and many others whats actually possible just for starters.     
                            Donald C.  And also I am beyond the need for a name but also capable of going by many names hee hee hee hee hee hee hee. Born 1984 but did wish what it was like to be like a child again so ya theres that too at times. Also willing to break this stuff down more later if requested with questions in forum and or audio/video cause I know I like to write as much as I can all at once before I forget it.

Crazy story sure you weren’t tokin while writing it up? :wink: can’t believe you had a partial retinal detachment for 2.5 years without thinking it was anything serious! Also unbelievable something seemingly minor like that can trigger it… Good luck with your vision improvement