Greetings from Canada

Just a quick introduction. I’m Stephane, a 47 year old French Canadian chiropractor. I LOVE taking care of the spine and nervous system of my patients. I have found Endmyopia by chance on YouTube in January 2020. Just got my fist differencial mid-february 2020. Love watching Jake video and learning about myopia.

I started wearing glasses at around 9 years old and I always hated it. But my optometrist increased bit by bit my prescription over the years. Now I can only see around 13.5-14.5 cm in front of me and can’t live with this anymore. But now that I found this awesome community that Jake started… I can now have a bit of hope :sunglasses:.

My starting point is :

OD : -7.00/-1.25/075
OS : -7.25/-1.25/090

Take care of your family during this COVID-19 pandemic and see you soon in the forum.



Thank you Hannie!!!

Welcome to the forum!

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