🎙 Greg: -2.50 To -1.00 (With Last Diopter Tips!)

Greg goes from a -2.50 and some astigmatism, to not using glasses anymore (besides a few activities like night time driving, where it’s definitely wise to have best possible acuity).

For whatever reason I was in a mood to get into various last diopter tricks and ideas, making this possibly worth a listen if you’re around the last diopter territory yourself.

Full details of this Shortsighted Podcast episode, links to your favorite podcast app, and video, all here:

Good episode, this one.

I’ve been a bit slow with getting more of these lined up. Will skip the list of excuses, hopefully will continue to get at least a few new episodes up once in a while! :grimacing:


Very interesting and informative podcast, especially for someone now in the -1 range.

I love your appearances on other podcast but I had missed those a lot! I can’t wait to give this one a listen. :smile:


Second to what @Salt said. Some of my favourite Jake videos are these podcasts. Keeps the fire in my belly going!!

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Feedback, much appreciate it! That way I know where to funnel the (limited) energy and ambition and time in the day. :wink:

They’re actually pretty easy to do since mostly people are excited to just share. Other than figuring out time zones and schedules anyway …


@ 37:13 Your mockery of what you’re doing is mocking the very industry that you are actually serious about being against. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Brilliant tips! Specially the one about wearing the -1 glasses everyday after dark to remind the brain what the goal is. And in that way, expect to see eventually clearly at all time. I can see how easy it is to fall into the trap of the last diopter blur adaptation. And i don’t want that so from now on, no glasses in good days, glasses on bad days (it happens lol) and after dark. Thank you for another good podcast :+1:t3: