Guide:How to ask for support, and dealing with basic questions

Main reason I pushed toward wikifying what we’ve already got was so there was a place people could automatically go for a good EM start, and to reduce the insane volume of basic questions.

So… here it is:

I propose that whenever someone asks a basic question in the forum or FB group, we just have really good articles that explains in detail certain rules, so we automatically give the best answer to anyone who falls into certain traps.

Article I wrote might be a bit angsty, someone change it :wink:

Also, no diopter specific advice:

Can have a navbox similar to if necessary.


Bro plz my power is -2.75 left eye and -4.00 right eye how long it will take for 20/20?? also how to do active focus plzz reply sir andrew thanks


Been there, done that