Guinness World Record

Idea popped into my head. How about a Guiness World Record for fastest improved eyesight?

Think about this, I have had independent assessments of my eyes from the age of seven all the way to last month. All I need is to get back to 20/20, have an official eye checkup and then get in touch with Guiness World Records with a copy of every prescription I’ve ever officially recieved from a licensed optometrist, including the one that says ‘no correction needed’. In case you didn’t know, you can apply to set world records for categories that don’t exist yet. I’m thinking ‘Worlds Fastest Eyesight Improvement’.

Maybe link them my Youtube channel, link them some clinical studies, explain my personal story, who I am (thought it was all a scam two months ago). If they want I’ll happily invite an independent assessor to come check me out if they like, examine my eyes and the fact I haven’t had laser eye surgery.

Thoughts? Seems like something like this really would have the potential to go viral in a good way.


Sounds like a good idea to research and see if you can put into action.

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On closer thought, the record could not reasonably be based on the ‘distance’ I’ve travelled, only the ‘speed’ of diopter improvement. This would probably be measured between my eye test 29 June 2019 and whenever I get the 20/20 test. But it really is a rubbish record because people would eventually just induce pseudomyopia, have a test, and then reverse it and claim they had fastest improvement.

So let’s keep it simple with ‘largest change in eyesight’. Someone like Jake could apply for this if he had the eye checkups by optometrists to back it up. Does not have to be particularly spectacular (-15 myopia or whatever reversed), just something to get into the books and boost attention.

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For £5 to apply it’s worth a punt. It seemingly passes all the tests for not being rejected as a record, and witnesses to medical records such as this apparently aren’t needed, all you need are 2 independent experts in the field (opticians).

Something tells me it’ll still be rejected due to subjective measurements. Will not mention endmyopia at all, going under the radar with ‘oh my god my genetic code is improving my eyesight!!’

Okay, I’m going to leave it until I get to 20/20, then I’ll try submitting it. The difference in eyesight when it’s submitted will have maximum effect on who approves or does not approve records, they’re way more likely to reject it for a combined 3 diopters, but 10.5 diopters is going to be way crazier and they’ll be much more interested - the ‘subjective’ factor will be much less relevant here because the difference between -5 and 20/20 is a no brainer. If someone else actually thinks this could work and has improved their eyesight by more than me, jump in, do it! :stuck_out_tongue: