Happy to be here and working to improve my vision

I got my first pair of prescription glasses at age 26 while in college. Distance only, of course, which made them a pain to use in class as it felt wrong to look up close with them on.

Fast forward to 2015, my oldest prescription on record:
OD: -2.75 Sph
OS: -2.50 -0.25 Axis 098
I got glasses with progressive lens and computer glasses.

OD: -2.50 -0.25 Axis 055
OS: -2.50 -0.25 Axis 105

OD: -2.25 -0.50 Axis 087
OS: -2.25 -0.25 Axis 105
I had begun getting some double vision when fatigued, particularly when driving and at night.

OD: -2.25 -0.50 Axis 080 Prism 3 BO
OS: -2.00 -0.50 Axis 105 Prism 3 BO
The double vision cleared up for some months before returning prior to this checkup. I did not get this prescription filled as I didn’t like it when he said once you put prism in you can never take it out. He also told me it was because my eyes were “old” and that the DV had nothing to do with excessive hours on my iPad or in front of the computer. Funny how my old eyes were slowly improving, vision-wise.

OD: -2.00 -0.25 Axis 080
OS: -2.00 -0.25 Axis 096
The DV had improved again so I didn’t even discuss it with the OD.

OD: -2.00 -0.25 Axis 080 Prism 3 BO
OS: -2.00 -0.50 Axis 105 Prism 3 BO
DV advanced so I agreed to having the prism put in. He seemed gleeful at my decision.
Glasses took all DV out, almost miraculously. Until I took them off. Then my eyes would cross with a vengeance and would take a few seconds before I could see somewhat straight.

I decided I didn’t want to be locked into having the prism in my glasses and decided there had to be a better way. Saw Jake’s interview-podcast on Mark Sisson’s site and found endmyopia.com in the show notes. Knew I’d found a solution.

As I have (relatively) low diopters that have been improving over the last 6 or so years, my greatest concern is the DV. I’ve had to pull off the freeway to let my wife drive and more times have just asked her to drive.

So I’ve been working on AF with the computer glasses and fixed-gaze with my normals (I hope I’m getting the terminology straight), staring at some text Jake posted on the blog for 30 minutes a day. DV is already improving and I haven’t used the prism glasses for a couple of weeks. (Haven’t driven at night, though.) DV seems only to happen with far distance, nothing up close.

Some questions:

In looking back at the changes in my prescription between 5/2019 and 1/2020, after which the DV got much worse, one eye dropped -.25 and the cylinder in both eyes dropped -0.25. Could could both being changed that much at once have triggered the DV?

I received 2 pairs of glasses after the 1/2020 exam: normal and normal sunglasses. These are the glasses I’m using now. The sunglasses seem to “pull” my eyes apart, meaning they seem to bring on the DV. I had the optical manager check them yesterday and the only thing she could find was the pupillary distance was about .5mm off. This wouldn’t be enough to cause the DV, would it? They are a wide frame so she tried lessening the curve a little, just to have something to try. It’s only been a day but I don’t think it did anything.

I still have a lot to learn before thinking about reducing my prescription. Thanks in advance for any comments.


I’d use a brock string if I were you. You can make one for almost free or buy them for under $10 on Amazon. It’s literally just colored beads on a piece of string. It’s extremely useful for diplopia, convergence or divergence problems, and any kind of binocular vision issues.

It’s also probably worthwhile to do sterograms and convergence and divergence training exercises (tranaglyphs). You wear red-green 3D glasses (in vision therapy the red is on the right for some unkown reason) and work on pulling apart transparancies.

I’m not sure these are the greatest videos but they’ll give you the basic idea.

I doubt the half millimeter of PD decentration would cause your double-vision issues. In general you should be able to completely train away those problems with vision therapy (I would bet you could do it yourself, but I’m sure it’s easier with a professional.) I personally have been having good luck with the DIY route.

Double vision is pretty common with improving eyesight. I would guess it’s because the convergence and accommodation system takes a while to adjust to the changes inside the eyeball. Your brain is used to moving your eyes a certain amount to point them at things near and far, and it uses blur cues to do so. When something is less blurry at a particular distance it probably overshoots a little bit until it figures out what’s happening. With the tools above you can “wake up” all those systems and get concious control over where your eyes are pointing and fix those problems.


Thanks, @nycmao Andy. I’ve done well with DIY so I’ll get started on this when we get back from Florida in a couple of weeks.

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Might well be making thing worse, PD is an important factor. I am also curious to see that your cyl axis has changed so frequently, granted the changes aren’t large for the most part but they seem higher in frequency than my experience. And I notice you report the onset of DV when they increased your cyl in one eye and shifted the axis, quite a bit that time… I wonder if you have considered trying just spherical correction along with the efforts to fuse images this might be worth exploring. Fair warning it might be more challenging till your eyes can adjust but if you could manage a full day or even two of zero correction prior to the introduction… well it is a test I would perform in your position. You could always switch back if it doesn’t pan out.
Otherwise it sounds like you are coming along well. And are doing what you need to be doing. It is also good of you to ease into it. I look forward to hearing your progress. Welcome to the community.

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