Has anyone tried this?

ok, so I’m running possible scenarios through my mind regarding my first set of differentials and am wondering if anyone has done the following?

I’m RE -5.75 with 3.25 cyl
LE -7.5 with 1.5 cyl.

I’m looking at two scenarios.
The first one being standard reduction of about 1.5 in both eyes for spherical.
So RE -4.25 with 3.25 cyl
LE -6 with 1.5 cyl
Then in normalized take sph down .25 in each eye.

Second scenario is to swap .5 cyl for .25 up in sph and reduce just 1 diopter from there.

So take diffs down to the following
RE -5 with 2.75 cyl
LE -6.75 with 1 cyl

Then with normalized just take the sph down by .25 from my full strength. Or would I have to convert the cyl in my full strength original prescription then drop the .25?
(I may be making this more complicated than I need to :confounded:).

I’m just trying to work this out in my brain. Perhaps it’s best to just go with option 1 but I can see where fairly quickly my cyl in my RE is going to be equal to my sph if I don’t get rid of some of it and it seems from what I’ve read so far this is not a good thing.

Any thoughts?

I’m afraid that with this ‘wonky’ eyesight, you are on your own. People in this situation have tried all sorts of things, and some have worked and some have not. The problem, as you have realised, is that the standard EM recommendation for reductions can lead to some contradictions when it comes to high cylinder. If you can afford it, a test lens kit might be of great use to you, as you can try out these different possibilities before buying glasses.

I swapped 1.00 DC for 0.50 DS in one eye, but in other eye cylinder is too strong a bit, so decline in sharpness in both eyes.
Still no real change, but all is sharp enough. No AF though.

Eye with increased cylinder also faces zero changes. It’s all in about 3 months of not regular use of this glasses.

Yeah, I’m seeing that. I have limited funds available so I’m trying to be conservative in what I do as I feel like I have only a small margin for error $$ wise (one income family with 3 kids!). I’m at home and homeschooling so I can practice AF and other habits quite easily through the day.

I guess I could just drop only 1 diopter of sph which would keep a bit more gap between sph and cyl to start out as well. Then maybe make a cyl swap when I get closer to my normalize matching my first diffs. That would give me approximately a year to work on the other aspects of things. Then barring no major hiccups rinse and repeat!

Ok so you did a monocular cyl/sph swap? You left the other eye as it was or did you reduce the sph in that one?

Actually planned to be full diffs correction but the distance appeared to be too close than expected.
So agreed to sit at blurry yet legible distance.

I have -3.00 and -1.50 cylinder when converted to glasses.
Contacts have -2.25 and -1.25, R/L respectively.

I chose glasses of -2.00 DC both, so over-cylinder’ing left eye and swapping in right eye. Because I thought left cylnder increased to -2.00.

To be honest, I function at computer normally even without any cylinder. Just writing this and trying to see through -1.5 and -7.0 spherical plastic lens. Lenses are equal in shape, so I am sure I look through the center. In turn I have -8.5 DS. Right eye needing -3.00 DC sees very blurry yet it’s hard to find the text I can’t read or guess. So maybe it’s time for me to try no-cylinder also in glasses.

Hi! I’m curious when you say “without any cylinder.” Did you have to change your SPH because you dropped CYL? Or did CYL not affect what you did to SPH?

Let’s get into numbers.

Full close up prescription at 50 cm would be
Contacts R -6.00/-2.25x180 L -6.50/-1.25x170
And SE -7.00
I use -6.50 to -6.75 both (or -7.00 at 57-67 cm).

Glasses R -7.00/-3.00x180 L -7.50/-1.50x170
And SE -8.50
I use about -7.50 to -8.00 (or -8.50 at 57-80 cm).

Left eye now sees smallest text and pretty much tolerable even at distance >6 m.
With right eye I need a bit more work to match the left eye.

I have had mostly idiopathic astigmatism in right eye.
But not much unknown, because I stretched my right eye to stretch cornea in order to see at far without glasses too much time and my right eye is more closed than left (so greater palpebral tension -> more force for cornea to be more WTR) due to inherent body asymmetry almost everyone has to some degree.
Left eye astigmatism was pretty lens-induced.

2 years ago I seen very sharp without cylinder at any distance.
So I developed this pretty high astigmatism in 6 months basically.
Well, moderate-high. Some people have like 9 diopters of astigmatism.

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