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Please vote :pray: . I would love to see Jake’s reaction video (subtle hint :wink: )


Is this poll only for Back to 20/20? I don’t see the poll. Ah, I see–it’s on YouTube.


:crying_cat_face: seems to be only for kids. Everyone wants animation! Grrr …maybe a community poll @jakey? Maybe then we’ll have a reaction video! (bigger subtle hint)


I can’t decide which I’d like to see most. Q & A sounds fun and I’d love to see what kind of response video would come out.

I understand why. We have all these new animation videos now, but a simple “stepz” animation would be great to summarize it for newbies to know what to expect.

Wondering if a "stepz" animation could actually be clear and brief like the others

I like @NottNott 's Four Fundamentals. It clarifies the basics, which I missed somehow wandering around the site before starting.

📽 A Beginner's Guide to Endmyopia

@jakey has a “Gimme the steps” video, but it doesn’t seem plain and clear to a newbie. The info is there, but all the narrative takes a bit away from the clarity. Taking notes helped!

Start Here: Improve Your Eyesight | Endmyopia® | Jake Steiner - YouTube

  1. Change glasses for close-up. (Reduce close-up glasses enough just so you can see up close but not further.)
    [Reducing near strain stops myopia progression. Special considerations for astigmatism, uneven diopters between eyes, low myopia]

  2. Measure progress. (How far in cm can you see until there is blur? Keep a log.)

  3. Active focus. (Look at text that is slightly blurry, blink & look again and it becomes clear.)
    [This habit is the stimulus that will improve your myopia over time.]

  4. Normalized glasses for distance. (After a month of reformed near habits, reduce lenses so that distance vision has a tiny amount of blur at the far end. Use active focus to clear that blur up.)

When I think of how to explain the steps, I see steps growing into a decision tree because the steps are not as simple as they would seem. Now that there are several animated explainer videos, just the steps could make sense without so much explanation. For me starting out, realizing that one should not start the steps until they are well understood, the steps would have been something like:

  1. Measure distance to blur. (Or use the Snellen chart due to astigmatism & low myopia)
    Keep a log to choose reductions and track progress.

  2. Wear differentials for a month. (Or none at all due to low myopia)
    While doing so, change near habits to reduce close-up eye strain.

  3. Practice active focus at the edge of blur.

after a month,

  1. Wear reduced distance glasses for 3-4 months, continuing active focus as a permanent habit.

  2. Reduce differentials as improvements are seen.

  3. Reduce normalized again as improvements are seen.

When you get to the last diopter, the reductions can stop and now you have to figure out how to use glasses to the best advantage for improvement.

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Yea. You pick what you want a reaction video on. :smiley: