Having a plateau and possible solution

after two weeks of university exams i measured my eye and i got 73 cm (-1.25) under a artificial light and 86 cm (-1.25) under good natrual ambient light . two weeks before it was 82cm under artifcial light and 96 cm under good natural ambient lighting . my -1 gives me around 20/20 under good ambient light (6m eyechart) but under artifcial light i get around 20/30 . i dont know whether should i reduce to - 0.75 yet . im planning to spend some days at my grand mother house .she lives in a country side . i will use 0.75 for these days and then after i get back home i will decide whether i keep the 0.75 or i get back to -1 .


I am sure your eyes will recover after a break in the countryside. I hope you will have satisfactory exam results.


thanks :smile: