Having issues with Non dominant eye

It’s been seven months since I’ve restarted the whole journey.At first my dominant eye(left eye) was 20/20 with a bit of D.V but my non dominant eye(right eye) was 20/40,20/30. So I waited for it to catch up.I still have D.V in my left eye but my right eye is not responding to blur.Everything I’m seeing with my right eye is blurry.
I’ve different dioptre gap for my normalized and differential.My norms has a 0.75 dioptre gap and my diffs has a 0.5 dioptre gap.(more details here) .My norms are -3.25 and-4. I’m currently using -2,-2.5 as my differential.I used -2.5 ,-3 as my differential for one week.During that time my cm measurement improved and I was seeing much better.After that again my eyesight came back to the previous position.
Any idea what’s happening?

If that worked why don’t you continue using them?

Most of my close up needs are in the range of 50-70 cm & the diffs of -2.5 & -3 was giving clear vision up to 80cm.I can’t be at the edge of blur with this diffs and my left eye was -1 dioptre less than the full prescription.At the end of the day I found my left eye was strained.I also used the diffs for phone.That’s why I didn’t consider using this diffs as a good idea.

I switched back to the -2.5 &-3 pair yesterday.But the right eye didn’t respond the same way.And also, previously I noticed my left eye and right eye had a difference of clarity.My left eye was always sharp but my right eye was pretty much like I can read without any problem but it wasn’t sharp enough.Now that lack of clarity has changed into blur.As though my right eye is seeing through a blur filter.