Headaches after a new prescription

Hello everyone.

I have a question regarding headaches tied to change in axis of my lenses. So I have had glasses prescribed for a long time, but only ever wore them for driving and stuff like that. However, I wanted to get into Endmyopia and wanted to get a solid reference starting point, so I visited an ophtamologist for a new prescription.

I got a new prescription, had close-up glasses made based on that, so far so good. However, after a few days, the headaches started :stuck_out_tongue: . So I looked at my old prescription (which was way undercorrected btw) and realised that values for astigmatism have changed from 40 /150 to 20 / 0. This seems like a pretty huge change. Yes, I know that 0 is the same as 180 but still, 20 and 30 degrees. I suspect that this is what is causing my headaches.

So now I have 3 options I guess:
1 - suck it up and try to get used to it.
2 - make glasses with new spherical value but old axis value
3 - make glasses with new spherical value and get rid of the astigmatism altogether.

What do you guys think? Have you dealt with this before? Btw. Im experiencing headaches in all of my new glasses, so I really think it must be the axis.

For more information, here is info about the glasses themselves:
Old glasses:
R: -0.75, cyl -0.5, axis 40
L: -1.50, cyl -0.5, axis 150
( no longer wearing these, weak and not equalized, however they did not cause headaches)

New prescription:
R: -1.75, cyl -0.5 axis 20
L: -2.75 cyl -0.5 axis 0
(I wear 0.5 reduction of these as normalised when outside)

New close-up glasses:
R: -0.5, cyl -0.5 axis 20
L: -1.5, cyl -0.5 axis 0
(based on the new prescription, for working close-up)

As you maybe noticed, the difference between my eyes went up from 0.75 to 1. I realize this might be causing some headaches as well… however what I’m experiencing is really uncomfortable, sort of like vertigo at times, sometimes preventing me from sleep . My eyes feel good, relaxed and I’ve even made some centimeter gains. But brain doesn’t seem to be happy. Will appreciate any advice! :slight_smile:

Welcome to Endmyopia!
Yes, I think your symptoms are probably due to the changed axis. Since your astigmatism correction is low (-0.5) in both eyes, you can probably just drop it completely and compensate by adding -0.25 of spherical correction. You should try this with your differentials (close-up glasses) first. If you’re fine with this for close-up, you can try the same thing for your normalized. For now, I would just use the old prescription glasses, instead of forcing your brain to get adapted to the new axis.

Hi thanks a lot for your opinion! That seems like good advice. I will try it and see how it works out :slight_smile:

I’m surprised that you need “closeup glasses.” Even when I had “prescriptions” well over -3, I didn’t need them for closeup.

Really? -3 corresponds to about 32 cm, which seems awfully close to be to a computer screen. When I sit back comfortably in my chair, I’m like 80 cm away from the screen which is too much for either eye. Yes, it is possible to get a bit closer and work with my right eye. But then my left eye is getting strained and shut off because it cannot catch up.

make sure the center of the lenses is correct with your eyes. if it is higher or lower or the pd is wrong then you will also get headaches very quick. I had it once. This should not happen if they measure your eyes position in a retail shop before producing the lenses.

You evidently misunderstand me. My prescription was -3.75, but my centimeter measurements put me at -2. that explained why, for years, I had not needed glasses for reading.

Yes they did measure the position in the shop so it should be correct. PD was measured by the doctor.

Oh ok sorry I misunderstood :slight_smile: Well -2 is something different, although still not quite comfortable to work with 8 hours a day in my opinion. However, Im pretty sure my spherical prescription is mostly correct, which puts my leftie at -2.75 or maybe more like -2.5 now that I’ve made some progress.