Headaches after removing astimatism from prescription

Hi everyone, hoping for some advice

I had high myopia
-10.75 with 0.75 cylinder, axis 5 left eye
-10.5 with 0.5 cylinder, axix 140 right eye

I made great gains to seeing around 20/40 down using
-7.75 left eye and -7.5 right eye keeping astigmatism corrections the same but then I thought I would remove the astigmatism component for the next reduction.

As my left eye was doing better I went for -7 both eyes for reading and -8.25 left with -8 right for distance, adding a bit to compensate for removing the astigmatism correction. This ended up in headaches, even though I get a lot of clear flashes to the point I can watch tv almost clearly but having to refocus every so often.

I need to deal with the headaches so I’m going to go for -7.25 left eye and -7 right eye for reading and up the distance to -8.5 left eye and -8.25 right eye leaving off astimatism correction. I’m hoping this will get rid of the headaches as i had previously worn contacts without astimatism correction so I assume it should work, but if not I’m going to revert back to having the astimatism correction on both lenses :frowning:

Any advice appreciated

It seems like a good idea to step back to the non-equalized correction. The headaches might not be due to astigmatism removal, but due to equalization and a non-equalized correction for distance. Great gains by the way, hopefully you get rid of the headaches with new glasses too. Best of luck!


Making multiple changes at once can challenge your body too much. Try stepping back to the prior lenses until you have recovered, then just change one thing a small amount in your next pair.

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Thanks everyone, will update soon :slight_smile:

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Just to update, seems to have done trick going to non equalised rx!

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