Hello all, newcomer here 🙂

Hi all. I’m Mohan, 32 yrs old guy from India, married and have a 1 year old baby boy. I work as a software developer, so it’s a 9 to 6 constant close-up desktop/laptop screen-staring job.

I currently have -3 dioptres on both my eyes. Started at -1.25 when I was just 13 yrs old, school days (probably over prescribed at that time) and eventually it has come to -3 as of today (although I’m wearing a -2.75 glasses right now and can see slightly less than 20/20 in bright light)

I actually tried the differentials concept (without realising) almost 6 yrs ago when online sales of lenses and frames became available near my location and at that point realised that I had been royally screwed by the optometrists all through my teenage years, because the lens they had given to me when I was a teenager, that one is so over-corrected that I get dizzy even if I wear it today!! Man, hate those business-minded “eye-doctors”.

I got to this point of -3 power entirely because of my habits including PC games, not going outside in the sun too much (I have moderate social anxiety too ever since my school days :sleepy:). I barely use my smartphone except watch few YouTube videos at night when I’m done with my work, to relax from all the anxiety of software development.

I had come across Bates method a couple of years ago and recently while browsing on YouTube, found a video “Myopia - A modern yet reversible disease” by Todd Becker (https://youtu.be/x5Efg42-Qn0) and was really blown away by the science behind what caused the problem in the first place and the approach to reverse the effects. And just below that video was Jake’s EndMyopia video and that’s how I got to know EndMyopia, the methods, the success stories and this forum.

And recently I tried to purchase the $170 Le Rough Guide on the website but looks like it’s all gone for this year. And the BackTo20/20 course is just a dream as I definitely can’t afford that price with currency exchange rates of Indian Rupees :joy::pray:. So here I am, with a 9-6 developer job, with social anxiety, 32 yrs old guy, trying to see if I can reduce my dioptres just so I can spend some quality time with my son, freely and without the glasses coming in between :slightly_smiling_face:

So, Wish me luck guys! :slightly_smiling_face:

Mohan Hegde


Welcome to the forum, Mohan. You do not need to buy the Rough Guide or the paid course to improve your vision. But this does mean that you will have to do quite a bit of searching on the website, the forum and the Wiki. All you need is there, but I also suggest you do some thorough searching before you start asking too many newbie questions.

My first suggestion for newcomers is to learn to measure your own eyesight. This will give you the best idea of how much you can reduce, first for your differentials for screen vision, and later your norms for distance vision. You need to measure your naked eye cm distance to blur, and your ability to read Snellen lines on a chart, preferably a 6m chart with your current glasses. There are clear instructions for both, and a diopter calculator on the website. With this information you can decide on your diffs, and some time later your norms.

-3 D of myopia is not a big challenge, especially if you do not have any astigmatism.

Good luck.


Thanks a lot for the welcoming and the helpful newbie tips and suggestions :slightly_smiling_face::pray: I’ve gone through the EndMyopia website and blog posts and kinda have some basic information like how to measure our own eyesight and stuff like that. But will definitely use the search in the forum before asking anything :+1:


There is a ton of information here and it seems daunting, but if you invest the time you will find it worthwhile. Best of luck.