Hello! Already Practising Active Focus Without Realising

Hi Everyone, Im Lisa, I’m 52 & from the UK. I started wearing glasses from the age of about 10. I hated them and only wore them when I absolutely had to, which probably stopped my eyesite deteriorating too rapidly, but at 18 I started wearing contact lenses and working in an office, wearing my full strength prescription all the time and my prescription worsened to L -3.75 and R -3.25. Fast forward to my 40s and I could no longer focus close up, so had to introduce + lenses for close work…then my distance prescription strength started to reduce. I was told it was the effect of presbyopia, but couldn’t figure out how I could still read close up without my contact lenses. Finally in December 2015 I was fortunate enough to be able to leave office work forever. In 2017 I started a part time silver jewellery business from home. At around the same time I started getting dry eyes and had to stop wearing contacts. By then my vision had improved to L -3.25 and R- 2.75, but finding glasses an encumbrance again, I got differential glasses for jewellery making and went back to only wearing my full strength when absolutely necessary. I was spending more time outdoors, but always wearing glasses, as I like to walk in a natural environment and be able to see my surroundings clearly. Then last summer when at home in the garden, without glasses, I noticed that on bright days, I could see sharper focus on some areas of contrast, at quite a distance away and if I blinked it became sharper still. Out of interest I carried on using this technique to see how far and how much would come into focus. When I next had my eyes tested and my prescription had reduced to L-3 and R -2.5. Progress halted over the long dark winter months we have in the UK, but then on the brighter spring days, I noticed better vision again and when on car journeys as a passenger, I started leaving my glasses off and challenging myself to read road signs and car number plates. One day on a very bright day at the beach I continued without my glasses and was amazed that I has some focus way into the distance. This started off my research into natural vision improvement and here I am! Having checked my measurements on the calculator shows it should now be around L -2.5 and R- 2.25 and I can read 2 lines below the 20/20 line on the chart when indoors, just with light from the window. Im so thrilled to have found Endmyopia and very thankful for all the amazing work Jake has done and provided free. Now looking forward to continued improvements and helping my screen addicted 14 year old whose sight has deteriorated from slightly long sighted to -1.75 and 2.5 in just 2 years!! And the optician has just tried to encourage him to wear his glasses more and try contacts for sports!!! Nooo !:tired_face:


That’s fantastic! Your ability to active focus without realizing it until recently puts you in a great advantage to eventually not needing glasses in the future! Welcome to the forum!