Hello and guidance please

Hello all, like most in this topic/ group I have a high cyl value in comparison to the sph.
Here is my most recent prescription, yet I feel they maybe a bit strong with the current lens…tbh I have no real judge as I have not worn glasses most of my teen to adult life… My last pair were okay and meant the clarity was there but not the magnification…
I am at a different opticians today to ask if they are correct and that I couldn’t get away with less Cyl?.Does this sound pointless or worth asking?.

R sph -0.25. Cyl -2.75 axis 80

L sph -0.50 Cly -2.25 axis 86

I know very little to this point but read on how you can normally reduce the sph and then Cly in turn ,but with the low sph value I don’t think that applies to me.

I was going to try the bates method for getting my focus developed but not sure it is a valid starting point.

I could get these new lens and then look for a small diopter on the diff pair ?.

As you can see I am a complete novice and trying to comprehend my current situation.

Any and all advice is valued. Kind regards Jamie

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You are going to need to read up on everything for yourself, you can not make informed decisions if you don’t get informed. If your last pair of glasses gave reasonable clarity, stick with them for the moment and start doing your own measurements. Once you have your own snellen chart you will find out quickly if your old glasses are enough or not. You are correct that you will need to adjust the method to your particular situation but that just underlines all the more how much you need to learn it for yourself. I recommend this page: Astigmatism - EndMyopia Wiki
Also there is a huge thread for astigmatism here on the forum.
Best wishes in your journey


True I have the Bates method from yester year ,which has a small chart included but probably not ideal. I just attempted to measure using a spike chart online and didn’t give me an accurate reading…or I didn’t think it has.

A proper chart is easy to come by, you can download and print one, or purchase one.

I have a basic Snellen chart I guess would suffice.

Yea true that. Sounds like we’re throwing you into the deep end but … everything you need is here and while it may seem a lot, it’s all the stuff in one place! :grimacing:

Worth the learning curve.


I get it. I’ve been reading and watching videos. Just when it seemed like I had a plan, a post is revealed that suggests that if I keep the high cylinder with a low or no spherical correction it can make the astigmatism worse or persistent. My plan is scrapped and I’m trying something different. Good luck to us!

So you can’t just reduce the cly?? Then anyone with little to no sph is stuck?

No I don’t believe that. it is just more complicated because of the complexity, and will require a bit of tweaking your approach, since your situation is less common. You might just walk the cylinder back same as you would spherical (understanding it will likely take longer between reductions though) Or you might alternate: reduce cyl one time then cash some in for spherical equivalent in a different reduction. There are a number of options and truly a friendly opto or at the least a test lens kit would serve you very well. But if you don’t familiarize yourself with all the angles you are going to have a rough time moving forward. The article I suggested before should be helpful and this one of the threads I recommended: Working Group on Astigmatism Guide

Thanks, for what I know from recent appointment is that I see the horizontal lines clearer than vertical but not sure if that from the axis ?

Your axis should not change stick to the axis the opto gave you and you won’t need to concern yourself with it.

Okay, this post is NOT EndMyopia.

Given your unusual situation of very low myopia and high astigmatism maybe some none EM work is worthwhile investigating for the astigmatism.
A number of people have tried some alternatives, some old discussion can be found on the EndMyopia Discord, mostly in channel #astigmatism-and-cylinder

Worth considering is the astigmatism eyesight training app.
Using of an app on mobile is certainly NOT recommended, so if you have a desktop/laptop download and install the virtual environment BlueStacks.


There are eight astigmatism training options:

There are a number of graphics and options. This is ‘Focus’.


Hello, so you suggesting any of the EM methods of differentials maybe pointless and to try to app as an alternative ?

No. EndMyopia as the name implies is for ending myopia. Here, I’m suggesting that in addition to EndMyopia the use of these exercises maybe beneficial for the improvement of astigmatism.


Strange but interesting…just spent 5 minutes doing the astigmatism app and seeing the horizontal line in bold- indicating the ATR form. But after doing a few exercises and viewing the charts again, one of the vertical lines became more noticeable and slightly bolder… Maybe my eyes playing tricks on me, just an interesting observation.


Have you used them?

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Yes and I found it effective over a period of about a week that I did it, as apparently did others, @Samsara being the most vocal about it.


Thanks for the hook up. I am going to do the exercises on the app a few times a daily.


Sweet! Will guinea pig some of the astigmatism participants and get feedback. :grimacing:


Thoughts on this ;

Reduction of .25 on both eyes and leaving the sph value…?

r sph -0.25. Cyl -2.75 axis 80. Cly to -2.5

L sph -0.50 Cly -2.25 axis 86. Cly to - 2