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Hi guys,

I’m Laurens, a 35 year old Dentist. In the start of 2016 I became aware of the extensive danger that sugar poses to our overall health (not just our teeth). Since then, slowly but surely we’ve completely switched over to a whole food based diet pretty much kicking all free’d up and processed fructose (the sweet part of the sugar molecule) out. We love every minute of it and we never felt better.

After that, reading books and all, one becomes aware of other natural ways to improves ones health. I got a reference to the Bates Method and eye exercises. It seemed too much of a hassle. Then I (of course) ended up here @ endmyopia. I was astounded. The free 7-day course is such an (pun intended) eye opener. Everything Jake explains is right on the money.

I enrolled in backto2020. I’m a DIY kinda guy, however, Jake figuring this stuff out, I thought he actually had to get some credit for it.

I’ve had glasses since the age of 18. Contact lenses mostly. On the 13th of January (2018) I became aware of endmyopia. -3.75 back then both eyes, no astigmatism. It’s now half a year later and last saturday my optometrist confirmed me @ -1.25 for 20/20 on Snellen and -1.5 for full prescription.

I’m working on normalizing -1 right now and once that one clears up the jump back to 20/20 will start.

Jake asked me to join the Facebook group. Not my thing, Facebook is an adversary to real life IMO and a big contributor to myopia everywhere.

I’d like to help out, share my journey and hopefully contribute to others improving their eyes and perhaps even their health in general. More on that later. Happy to be here folks!



Laurens! Yay, you made it! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your thoughts. Teeth bits! Finishing up Invisalign right now, having learned a bit about that whole topic (another lets-wait-and-fix-it-later category). One sort of almost cavity I found recently made me go search for possible remedies. Reminded me how much time Internet DIY takes, and I’d totally pay a tooth guru with definitive answers to just get me on the right path.

Not having access to a lot of the products people talk about online though here, so it’s another impending bit of DIY.

Hi there Jake, glad to be here.

As long as the cavity is not caved in you should be fine. You might want to apply this strategy to strengthen your tooth tissue in that area.

I have a cavity on the chewing surface of my big upper left molar. Been there since 2001, never increased. Bottom line, keep it stable or get remineralisation, you should be fine with both.

If you need more info, feel free to ask of course :slight_smile:

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Congratulations on the gains!


What do you mean by a cavity being “caved in”?

A cavity forms by demineralization of the tooth tissue. The tooth is made up roughly by 3 parts, the enamel (hard outer layer), the dentin (the hybrid less dense layer below, think of this as the bone of the tooth) and the nerve and blood vessels below that.

When acid comes into contact with that enamel, it’s hard enough to resist most of the demineralization because it’s really dense. What does happens though, is that small channels are formed and later on the acid reaches the dentin layer. This layer being a lot softer will start to dissolve and hollow out. You will keep the enamel at first, but there will be a “cave” underneath it. As this “cave”, (cavity) increases, at some point, it’s no longer able to support the enamel and then it caves in. At that point there is not much more one can do except get a filling. Unless you are able to clean the inside of this cavity somehow, you need a filling or the (bad) bacteria will have a party of their own and run amok. At some point this acid reaches the nerve and blood vessels and it dies off. That’s where root canal therapy comes into the fold.

This picture will illustrate what I just explained nicely:



In only 6 months that’s brilliant really. I went from -2.75 to 1.50 in 3 months and you give me hope into thinking that in a year from now my eyes should be sorted. Good luck to you!

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Well, things are slowing down significantly now for me. -0.75 is usable as normalized, but it’s going to take some months before this becomes good enough to start switching between plano and those glasses. Anyway, I can still achieve clarity, so it’s just a matter of keeping it up. The final diopter is a challenge for sure. Don’t be bummed if it slows down, what matters in the end is that you get there and have fun along the way!


Thanks Laurens! We will make it :muscle:t3::star_struck:

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I was wondering today… how come this last diopter is so tricky? When it’s about weigh loss I get it as the first kilos are the easiest and then it’s harder and harder. But it’s often when people tend to give up a bit and get less consistent in their healthy food habits. But as far as the eyes are concerned, why are the homestretch more difficult? Why do we plateau so much at the end? AF and good habits are consistent so why do you reckon? Improvement should be steady but it’s really not. I am patient don’t get me wrong, I just don’t see why our eyes are resisting :eyes:

How did you reduce 2.25 dioptres in half an year when recommend and usually the progress is 0.75 a year.

It just is, I would’ve liked to have continued on the amazingly fast pass, just wasn’t working. It’s taking me quite some time to resolve the double/misaligned vision and it’s not progressing much in the last 3/4 of a year. But like I said, my habits check out, so I’ll just have to keep working on it until it clears automatically.

I’ve reached good 20/20 vision within a month the first half year, combine that with clearing overcorrection, it took me 6 months to get from -3.0 to get to -1.5 full correction. That’s just how it went, -1.25 became normalized and now it’s a much slower game for me.


Hello sir can you tell me is it necessary to take Jake,s paid program to improve eyesight.99 USD is quite expensive for me.i can,t afford it but really want to get back to 20/20.

Endmyopia has a great DIY program and following. This forum is a good example of that. Everything you need to know is covered on the blog and in the videos by Jake. So you should take your time to familiarize yourself with that stuff and apply the principles accordingly.

To help you get started read the following post carefully and you’ll be on your way:

And do take a moment or two to read these posts as well: How to ask non-diopter-specific-questions and House rules - Read me first

If you are uncertain about something, ask the people here. You’ll get backto2020 if you’re willing to make an effort. All the info is available, you just have to make sure that you acquire this knowledge and act on it. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:!


Depending on close-up time and how long you’ve been at that focal plane, a bit of experimenting with plus lenses could be appropriate.

Of course you know my position on plus, to be used well considered only.


I learnt about the danger of sugar the hard way. I find the WHO guideline on sugars intake very useful, both for myself and as an authoritative source to explain to others.