Hello! Emmetropia, here I come! Also, Strength!

Hey kittehs! My name is Sam and I think this stuff makes too much sense. Stop it bearded guru.

— About Me —
I live in New Mexico, USA where we get a lovely 270+ days of sunny blue skies per year… looking forward to some outdoor gainz!

I got glasses when I was younger and it JUST HAPPENED to coincide with my newly formed habit of playing computer games for long hours. Fortunately I didn’t go back to the optometrist as often as I should have (or so they say) which meant my myopia didn’t run away. I was prescribed stronger glasses in high school but by that time I had shed my habit of spending long hours at the computer so my myopia didn’t get worse after that. Also probably not a coincidence: my starting focal length is about the distance from my eyes to the computer screen ~42cm, that’s a perfect adaptation to the environment I put my eyes in.

— My Reductions —
I’ve had about 14 years of glasses wearing, that’s probably enough.
Here are the stats:
Last Prescription/Starting Point (worn for since 2014):
R -2.50 (-0.75 25deg)
L -2.00 (-0.75 180deg)

The guru tells the noobs not to start with astigmatism reduction. Since my spherical is only in the -2 range I decided to do it anyway :slight_smile:… for science.
I wanted to reduce cylindrical correction for both normalized and differential plane at the same time, but to limit the change in focal plane to only one at a time I decided to wait a week before beginning to use differentials.

On April 22, 2019 (30 days ago) I began wearing the following normalized pair:
R -2.50 no cyl
L -2.00 no cyl
And then 7 days later (21 days ago) I introduced these differentials for computer work:
R -1.25 no cyl
L -0.75 no cyl

— The Gainz —
I’m happy to report gainz!! For the first 10 days I felt somewhat disoriented but the situation gradually improved. After adding differentials at the 7 day mark it seemed to improve quite rapidly, probably from relieving my ciliary strain. By week two the normalized glasses felt natural on my face, except that I still had directional blur and ghosting (from astigmatism). I have been practicing resolving double vision according to the guide… mostly by staring at high contrast things like power lines and text for up to a minute. Subjectively, it seems my vision has been improving over the last few weeks. There have been a few days where I wake up and notice a new and unusual clarity that I didn’t have the day before. This is exciting!

I find it hard to measure my improvement. Since the blur is directional I can see almost perfectly along one axis which allows me to read with normalized the snellen chart down to 20/20 indoors with good light, despite the blur. I look forward to spherical reductions where it will be easier to quantify the gainzzzz. In the mean time, I have some landmarks that I use to subjectively track my progress.

— Other Stuff —

It was Endmyopia’s approach of identifying the root cause that attracted me to this method! NITM coupled with a positive feedback loop (minus correction) = needing glasses and runaway myopia! It makes perfect sense… the body adapts to stimulus.

I would like to share with you kittehs startingstrength.com! Starting Strength is to the fitness industry as Endmyopia is to optometry. They know how to get people strong and healthy using barbells… all people, any age, every time. Starting Strength is really simple and really hard, that’s why not everyone is doing it. It is the same reason not everyone is doing Endmyopia. People don’t want to think for themselves or do hard things. I think you Kittehs are the type of hardworking and thinking crowd that would embrace it, I have!



You seem to be on the right track! Oh you’re so lucky to live in a very sunny environment! You may never know (or at least to a lesser extent) the drop in improvement rate many of us have experienced during winter time.

Interesting the comparison with the fitness industry. You’re so right, if you want to improve your eyesight you need a minimum of motivation. The great thing is that after some time, all the new practices become a routine (just like it is with a fitness programm), so in the end it is not as hard as it seems first. And as you have noticed, nothing better to remain motivated than to see positive changes in your vision!
Btw, interesting link, thanks for sharing :+1:

So, welcome here Sam, and enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the warm welcome Sandra!


For Science, sure… :+1:
That’s why I did it, too, exactly like you: -0.75 cyl, just dropped and added differentials later :joy:

So my personal scientific experiment :petri_dish: :test_tube: worked out pretty well :slightly_smiling_face:
Cyl is going down slowly though, 0,5 in 1.5 years.
Maybe listening to the guru would have made this easier?

Will check the :muscle::muscle:.
Though I think Bodyweight rules… but occasional dumbbells do a great job.

Did I say welcome? :tada:

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Classic! Welcome Sam.

There is an exception to this ‘rule’ which I discovered the hard way: https://endmyopia.org/how-to-choose-a-differential-prescription-if-you-have-high-astigmatism/

Dropped SPH only in my 1st set of diffs and it was not a great experience (high astig both eyes: L -2.00, R -2.50). Borrowed daughter’s glasses w/no CYL (for science, of course), and even with the messed up PD my eyes felt like they had been released from prison.

Someone, somewhere mentioned that there’s something about CYL that flattens the image you see, making it appear more 2D. First thing I noticed was how much more rich and lush the forest looked.

So I went full commando and ordered both diffs and normalized with no CYL (shhh…don’t tell @jakey). According to cm measurements my CYL has dropped to around -0.75/-1.00 in each eye. No problem seeing 20/25 to 20/40 on Snellen depending on light.

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I promise it’s for science!!! or something :rofl:

Hmmm 0.5 in 1.5 years does seem a bit slow. But, hey! If you’re still making progress then that is fine, because you’ll get there eventually. Are you reducing spherical at the same time?

Yeah, bodyweight is great! I did that with dedication for about a year and really enjoyed the mind-body aspect of it. Anthony Arvanitakis has a lot of cool stuff to say about that.
While bodyweight training did balance out my body a bit and improve my posture I never got that strong until I started training with olympic barbells. The technique required to keep perfect form while squatting and deadlifting is a new kind of mind-body that my engineer brain really enjoys! And!!! I’ve gotten stronger :slight_smile:

Starting Strength is like the opposite of Endmyopia… Endmyopia does reduced lens and Starting Strength does increased weight :sweat_smile:


From -2.5 to -1.0 (right)! The gainzzz! nice

I’ve also noticed that the world around me seems more “real” or vivid! I don’t know if it is my new appreciation for good eyesight or if it has something to do with the world looking less 2D but as clarity comes back for my distance vision w/ normalized (without cyl) the world seems to have a new life that it didn’t before!

I almost did a spherical reduction only in my differentials instead of both a spherical and cylindrical reduction. From your experience, it seems like I dodged a bullet!

That exception is interesting! “For differentials, always no astigmatism.” I feel a lot more confident in my “science experiment” now. I think I am lucky in that my astigmatism is low enough that I can get away with dropping cylinder correction in my differentials and simultaneously drop it in my normalized. I think it is probably helpful to the brain to have all of the focal planes change in the same way.

I’ve noticed in sunlight huge improvement in the directional blur and double vision/ghosting. I no longer see ghosting in bright sunlight and the directional blur is significantly better than it was when I started 33 days ago. The temptation is starting to creep in to order normalized with reduced spherical… but I think it would be wise for me to hold off for several months and really let my eyes adapt to no cylinder correction.

What is your favorite way to measure Cylinder? I need to start collecting data :grimacing:

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Letting your eyes and visual cortex complete their adaptation to the changes you’ve made is always the wise move.

The EM measuring tool is here: https://endmyopia.org/diy-tools-how-to-measure-your-astigmatism-diopters/

If you have difficulty with that an alternative is described in this thread: Having trouble figuring out my astigmatism