Hello everyone. Advice on lattice degeneration?

I came across Jake’s videos about 2 years ago or so, I was working on AF for a while, then the pandemic happened and I stopped for a while. I got back in to it a few months ago, but I just found out recently, when I went to the optometrist for flashes in my vision, that I have thinning retinas.

I know this method doesn’t real deal with such a topic, but I just want to know, is it safe to continue to do AF with this condition? Is there any risk of making it worse?

Sadly we don’t know with any worthwhile degree of certainty. Especially when it comes to medical conditions, we’re like a bunch of small monkeys hanging from various trees. :grimacing:

if it were me personally, I’d probably continue to stay around the blur horizon, while also keeping in mind things the good doctor recommends, regular checkups, any sort of measurable change, etc.

But, we won’t comment on safety and risks of doing things with medical conditions involved!


Fair enough, thanks

No, even if the EM theory of reducing axial length (I’m more in the thinning natural lens camp myself) is true, the retinal tissue cannot “unstretch” or thicken, only the choroid (which lies underneath the retina) is able to do so.

On the other hand, if you can in fact reduce axial length, you may be able to relieve some tension on the tissue.

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Yeah, I don’t expect that I can fix the thinning retina or anything like that, I just want to know if doing AF can make the situation any worse than it is. As long as it’s not going to do more harm, then cool.