Hello everyone...Newbie here

Hello from the US. I’m new here and to navigating in a Forum, please bear with me. I’ve been searching online for information on how to stop the progression of my sons myopia and I came across the video “A Beginners Guide to Endmyopia”. My son’s eyeglass prescription has progressively increased over the years and is now -9.75, Cyl: -1.75, axis: 030 and -8.75, Cyl: -2.25, axis 145. He refuses to wear glasses because they are so thick and heavy and give him peripheral distortion, so he wears contacts instead. He spends a majority of the day doing online classes or upclose work of some kind. I would like to know if anyone has experience with wearing contacts with a differential prescription and then adding minus eyeglasses to reach a normalized prescription for distance.

I have also been researching where to buy contacts without a prescription. The UK company I contacted response was this:
“ Hi, thanks for contacting VisionDirect.
Regulations imposed and enforced in the USA by the FDA means that we will no longer be allowed to ship orders from the UK or EU direct to customers in the USA without validating that the customer’s prescription matches the lenses shipped. We have continued to do this for as long as we could but from
2021 this will no longer be possible. I apologise for the inconvenience.”

I’m hoping to get my son started on reducing his myopia as soon as possible. Thanks for this forum.

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Hi welcome.

Yes the EM techniques are all applicable with contact lenses.
You and your son just need to be aware that contact lens prescriptions are slightly lower than glasses prescriptions. I guess you proabably know that already.

How old is your son?
There are some pretty pro-active teenagers on this forum.
I’ve heard of many parents guiding 5-10 y.o. through their journey. Kids that age ‘get it’
We were also helping a 13 yo with questions the other day.
I mention it because the best outcome is if the child is self motivated rather than the parent! You probably know this already too. :rofl:

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Yes, there are 2 ways with contact lenses. You can wear contacts as differentials and then add minus glasses for distance, but the more popular version is to wear contacts as normalised and add plus glasses for close up. The added glasses plus or minus are not too strong, so not thick or heavy.

With regards to VisionDirect:
Google “contact lenses online uk” and you will find plenty of alternatives. You may have to search through a couple of pages as the high street optometrist sponsor the top hits… Good luck.

I’ve had good experiences with lenstore.co.uk, but buying from within Europe. I don’t know whether they require a prescription to ship to the US, but their website doesn’t seem to say so.


My son is a self motivated teen. We just ordered a lens test kit to figure out what his prescription is in natural light. Now we need to figure out how to use it. It would be a lot easier if astigmatism wasn’t involved.


It’s my understanding that differentials should be 2 diopters lower than full strength. The differential glasses he would wear would still be quite thick with his high myopia. If he wears contacts as differentials how do you determine what strength eyeglasses to add to reach normalized?

I am a self-motivated teen as well. I have almost the same Rx:
R -9.00/-3.00x180
L -9.50/-2.00x170

Well, maybe a bit older than your son, entering 18 next year… Yet feel myself teen, so are my age ranges naming endings.

I agree. Not comfortable toric contact lenses double my reckoning. So I sacrifice vision quality in order to be more comfortable overall, wearing spherical-only contact lenses. Left eye does well with -1.00 to -1.50 cylinder forwent in contacts (especially when supported with other eye). Right eye alone significantly lacks legibility at computer’s range needing -2.00 to -2.50 of cylindrical contact lens correction. Still, text could be deciphered at the cost of worse performance of mind.

A self motivated teen that makes good eye health habits will reverse their myopia very quickly!
I wish you luck.
Also you may as well both type in this thread so we can answer his queries directly.

I haven’t been a teen myself for a long time. :joy:
I can only assume that the hardest hurdle will be reducing screen time to an absolute minumum without hindering study.

There are alot of motivational videos by Jake talking about getting outside, finding an exciting outdoor hobby, joining sports teams, taking up kite surfing etc. All that fun stuff that will get us out of the house, away from the screen and actually enjoying life!

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