Hello Fellow Endomyopians

My name is Aditya. Im 22 years old I’m new to the family.
I’ve had my glasses on since 2014 and starting with -2.75 both eyes leading today to L-6.5 and R- 3.25
This time my doc prescribed 0.5 lower for left and 0.25 less for the right one. I’ve been doing AF for a week now and I think I feel better , not really in a hurry to improve when my bad habits took me to where I’m today. I feel tear in my eyes sometimes but not like they’re coming out while we cry, am I doing this thing right?

Would love to have interactions with this lovely community :pray:t2:


Welcome to the forum! How exciting that you are already seeing improvement! Sounds like you may have managed to release some ciliary spasm there! A lot of people experience some tears when they are first trying to find active focus. Not all kinds of active focus lead to tears in your eyes, but I reckon it sounds like you are on the right track.

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Thank You for interacting, means alot!

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Welcome! “Not in a hurry” is actually a really good approach, bad habits take time to change, if the change is going to last; and improvements will happen at a certain rate, you will avoid much frustration is you stay chill about your approach (not too chill mind you :wink: ). As you are learning please enjoy the many resources. As Gem said some tearing at first is normal it should subside, be careful to avoid over taxing your eyes and you are well on your way :smiley:


Have you been reading without your glasses? That could be why you have already been reducing (that plus your AF). You’re on your way!

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Welcome, Aditya. Glad you manage some improvement. I saw some extra -3d sph in your left eye. You may need your differential to prevent strain for longer periods as its mainly focus on one eye. Its surprised to get so much increase from one eye.

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I try to read without glasses or print pushing what they say for about 20-30 minutes everyday, it’s been 10 days now.
For the rest reading and computer work I’m currently using my reduced prescription from my eye doc maintaining >60cm distance for laptop work and reducing phone use

You know even I got scared too the doc seemed happy as he can make me buy new glasses from his store. Anyways Thanks bro, I’ve not gotten my differentials yet, I try to do print pushing without glasses for about 20-30 min a day, a good walk every evening sunning every morning and evening, yogic eye exercises, triangulation technique. For close up work I’m using 6-L and 3-R
Feel free to interact more bro

I will try to post more often here, bro. When i started endmyopia, I was like you. I had my optometrist prescribed glasses and saw improvement. He allowed me 4-6 weeks to adapt to the new lenses. I told him I can’t, its too strong and indeed it reduce -0.75 on my weaker eye. Maybe yours could provide the extra service for you. Only after then i started buying glasses online from zenni.

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What are your prescriptions?

i’m now at L -1.50, R -1.75

Started in April 2018 with normalized, L -2.75 -0.75CYL R -3.75 -0.25CYL. My full strength glasses are a diopter more. I’m not a gd example to follow, Reannon and gem are better students on this program and give gd advice as well as many others. After thinking over, over the past year the not so gd eye days with normalised is a little struggle at dim places. Its wake up call something is not ideal, Some reminded me when you see 20/20 in gd light, that’s not the end move to lower light. Now i’m following that, haven’t change this normalize since october last year. The mood everyday is so much better.

Just to add i was lazy and not exercising that regularly having been jogging for such a long time and did just once a week group session. This revitalize me, with the past year and the work from home in the past year allow me up to 4 times a week. Being out there, at the same time practicing the visual cues. You feel the motivation when there’s improvement.


That’s still job well done👍
Keep up the good work and you’ll definitely get 20/20 soon without glasses