Hello from a teenage myope

I actually joined this forum a year ago, never made my introduction though but I’m sure it’s not too late to say hi.

I started at -2.75 both eyes at around 10/11 years old. I had started being shortsighted just a few years before that but I was too scared to tell anyone so I just squinted my way through primary school until I finally had the courage to tell someone. It was definitely too much computer gaming and YouTube that got me this way, I had been 20/20 prior my fascination for games.

Two or so years later I stayed the same and then I then upped to -3.00 dioptres, this is where I found EndMyopia and understood a little about my eyes. My 13 year old self, never really took it seriously enough and only implemented one good habit (taking off my glasses of for close up work like reading and phone usage).

I avoided the optometrist for two years for some reason (I was on a annual recall) and only went two years later, and here I am, 15 years old with -4.50 diopters on both eyes and -0.25 astigmatism. Panicked. I knew my eyes had gotten worse as - 3.00 glasses weren’t giving me 20/20 anymore, but didn’t expect a whole diopter and a half.

So hello. Here I am. I’ve been placed on a 6 month recall (opticians appointment every 6 months) and I’m determined to drop 0.25 or more or at the very least stay the same by my next appointment. I don’t want to get any worse, otherwise, going like this, not to be dramatic or anything but I’ll be blind by 20.

That’s that. Hello I guess. Any words of advice or encouragement you can give to a determined teenager feel very free!


Hello Teenager :rofl:, we are all used be one :grinning: and personally, I had a similar situation like you, 5th-6th grade of primary school is when I started get myopia but for all kind of reasons (partly similar as yours) , i didn’t get them checked let alone wearing glasses. but instead I used my fingers to pinch a “pinhole” in front of my right eye so i can read the blackboard, and I deeply regretted it afterwords because it caused a huge difference between my right and left eye. When I finally decided to get my first pair of glasses in my first year of junior high (7th grade), I got -4D for left and -8D for right, luckily they stayed that way mostly for the next ~20 years. only right eye changed to -8.5D.

it’s really lucky for you to find this group in only 15, and good luck for all the members here:)


At least you found Endmyopia at 15 rather than much older like many here.

Keep reading. Learn good habits. Don’t underestimate the importance of getting plenty of distance vision time.

Best of luck to you.

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Thank you, and I genuinely hope you’re seeing improvement with your eyesight too. Good luck with your journey

Thank you. I’m trying to learn everyday and fully implement good eyesight habits. I hope you’re making progress too wherever you are in your journey.

yeah that’s a bit too dramatic :wink:
you are still a relatively simple case, no astigmatism worth mentioning and -4.5 at 15. Chances are you would’ve gotten worse to about max -6.5, but that is still far from blind! Most worsening happens a bit earlier usually ages 8-14 or so, so while you’re not out of the woods in terms of eye changes, you’re maybe past the worst. But since you found EM it’ll be better for you :slight_smile:

Ah makes sense, I didn’t know that, Guess it can serve as a bit of dramatic effect to my introduction. I hope to avoid anymore significant changes from now - unless its in the plus direction :slight_smile: . Thanks for the reassurance.