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Howdy all. Stumbled upon endmyopia yesterday from a tunnel of links, and devoured loads of content voraciously within the evening and early morning (when I’m supposed to be studying for my first year university exams).

I went through from total scepticism, to a strong willingness to try out the methods here all in the space of under 24 hours. I guess that’s a doom sign for most new members? I hope not! I want to believe I’ve got the gist of what to do. I’ve worn glasses since I was 7 or 8 years old, and my optometrist prescription is currently at -5.75 SPH *-0.75 for right eye and -4.25 SPH *-0.75 for left eye. I’ve played around with my Dad’s reading glasses, the online myopia calculator and figured out that I’m overprescribed in both eyes (as are most people who start off here).

So my actual values for my eyes are -3.5 for left and -4.75 for right from my intense self-optometry session. I’ve ordered a pair of differential glasses at -1.5 and -2.75, and distance glasses at -3.25 and -4.5. I dropped the astigmatism CYL value entirely as it was under a dioptre.

That’s enough dioptre talk, I hear it’s verboten. I’m at the ripe age of 20 at the moment, but a little under a year ago I was strongly talking to my dad about laser eye surgery, and telling him all day long about how one of my huge dreams in life would be just to turn over in bed in the morning and see the alarm clock without having to put any glasses or contact lenses in my eyes. I’ve read plenty of horror stories on laser eye surgery, but also a lot of ‘success stories’. I was even going to opt for PRK instead of LASIK because of what I percieved to be a lower rate of complications in the procedure.

I far and away prefer the idea of fully healing my eyes with a slow fix over many years, but without any complications at the end of it. It also sounds like an extraordinary amount of fun for the long haul (okay okay, maybe not extraordinary but it’s nice to know you’re ‘always getting better’) and much cheaper as well. No star bursts, retinal discombobulation or whatever it is that I’d have had with lasers beamed into my eyes.

One question I must ask specific to the UK: I’ve ordered these glasses from SelectSpecs, and the website states ‘Our dispensing opticians will verify your prescription’. Personally, I feel it’s my right to purchase whatever prescription of glasses I want to, but because I don’t have an ‘official prescription’ for these reduced values, do these companies actually refuse sales? There isn’t a central database for this thing, right? I guess I’ll find out soon enough but if anyone has the answer to my menial question in the meantime that would be much appreciated.



I’ve used selectspecs to buy and gift glasses to relatives in the past - around 2010, they have no idea who I ordering for so I doubt they will refuse you, however if they refused it would likely be a blessing as prices at zenni are much better and delivery time similar.

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Hi Sam thanks for your response! After reading your reply I checked out the price at Zenni and found it to be £1.15 cheaper in this case, so you’re right but I’ll stick with my original order this time and use Zenni next time.

I’ve only made one order online. It was last month at Zenni, and somewhat remember the “verify” step. You’ll notice from your quote above the wording is "our dispensing opticians " will verify … not optometrists will verify. I conclude from that wording and the position of that step near or at the end of user inputting the spec that the verify is just a consistency check – first that the prescription makes optometric sense, (can be fabricated), second that the lenses are a decent mount for the frames and lastly that the other various options are do-able (coatings, lens material what-have-you).

So no worries…


Welcome to the forum! You’ll find lots of helpful information on your journey back to 20/20!

@NottNott Hi Andrew. One quick note, best to do differential first for a month or so at least, before adding normalized.

One focal plane at a time, plenty to work on, stimulus to get from, biology to adapt to. All while having a familiar distance focal plane, to get to later, when you’re done with all the close-up part.

Also, skepticism is healthy. You’re getting your ideas from a grumpy trader / investor recluse type Internet crazy person, living in some contested jungle on the edge of the world somewhere. It’s a great time to exercise one’s Internet red flag radar and do lots of reading on Google Scholar. (as hopefully with all new and far fetched self biology investigating ideas)

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Personally never liked having to visit the local optometrist (shaman), not knowing exactly what he was doing with his machines (incantations) to ‘fix’ my eyes. Always best to have health matters well enough understood to know when to take matters into your own hands.

At a minimum, after spending some time here you will be in a much better position to have an intelligent discussion with anyone concerning one of the important organs in your body.

Welcome, Andrew, and good luck with your journey…and your first year exams.

Thanks for the welcomes and advice. It did seem pretty ridiculous that a ‘team’ of optometrists would prevent me from getting the prescription I’d want. At the same time, it’s not beyond what I’d expect UK legislation to do in the name of ‘health and safety’ :slight_smile:

I currently don’t exactly know what prescription my overpowered glasses are. I only have my most recent prescription, which I was told as ‘one eye got better, one eye got worse’ at the time (which eye is which?) That’s why I’m typing this up in the optician’s car park while they print out my entire prescription history since I was 8.

I’ll cancel my order on better advice, and order a single pair of differentials based on what my eyesight is on my strong prescription + how reading glasses feel slotted in front of it. If in the early days my are going to be changed faster than they will be later in the process, there’s no sense in having distance glasses this early on.

Hi , Im from the UK aswell .anyway, besides the point, I have purchased mine from goggles4u . no problem and no questions and very cheap but good enough quality
I think its because you attached the pescription and they verify it rather than you putting it in manually on their form


I’m UK too and I too have used Goggles4u.co.uk with no issues whatsoever. And I’ve now added in 3 prescriptions always going down…no one seems to have noticed or cared.


Does your username mean you support London Irish rugby team?

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Unfortunately not! I’ve had a variant of this username since I was seven.