Hello, I'm Carla!

Hi everyone,

I’m Carla, from Seattle, 37 years old and have been wearing glasses since I was 13. My prescription got worse every other year until the age of 30, when it stabilized at -4 D (right eye) and -3.75 D (left eye), with -0.25 astigmatism in my left eye only. I’m a pastry chef and my close-up work is usually an arm’s length away on my workbench, but like any modern human, I also spend a fair amount of time (3-4 hours a day) looking at computer screens. I run my own bakery and have a decent amount of admin / email to handle every day.

One night about a month ago, I had been watching YouTube in dim light for a couple of hours on my iPad, and felt a really weird sensation in my eyes, as though a ring of muscle was completely squeezing them in and strangling them. I immediately put down my iPad and just went to bed, feeling a little afraid, but aware that my body was telling me something. My eyes had had enough!

A couple days later, I was looking up “eye spasm” online and found one of Jake’s videos. It was a video specifically about how the closer the object is to your face, and the smaller the details are, the more work your eyes have to do. I immediately started changing some of my habits. I completely stopped looking at videos on my phone, and starting sitting further away from my computer screen. My eyes immediately began to respond positively, feeling less tight in the mornings upon waking.

The backstory is, around age 22 or so, I had learned about the Bates Method. I bought the book, tried the exercises, even got some pinhole glasses, and I distinctly remember having a ten-second “flash” of perfect vision one day. I was never able to repeat that, and I eventually dropped out of Bates entirely. Couldn’t develop a routine around all those exercises, and it was just too stressful to give up my glasses completely (especially since I was a student at the time, doing a Master’s degree and spending almost all my time with my nose in a book or typing at the computer). BUT, because of the “flash” of clear vision, somewhere deep down, I knew that my eyes had the ability to focus perfectly. I had simply forgotten about all that until I found Jake’s video.

For the past month I’ve been down the rabbit hole, learning and reading everything I can on EndMyopia. I’ve enjoyed watching NottNott’s YouTube channel too, finding it entertaining and informative. I now wear differentials for all my close-up work (just got them yesterday!), they’re -2.5 D (right) and -2.25 (left) – I got rid of the CYL correction for my left eye based on what I’d read on the blog. They work well for me so far; the blur horizon begins just beyond my computer screen. I’m feeling excited and empowered. I’ve always been a skeptic about the healthcare system, choosing good nutrition and exercise over drugs and procedures in general, so it’s funny to me now that I had such a blind spot (haha) about optometry and vision. Surely the eyes are also part of a wholesome self-care routine?!

I’m a rock climber and I love being outside, but man, it’s a pain in the ass being a climber with glasses. The glasses always get in my way, and I’ve knocked my glasses clean off my face a few times during a big movement. (Managed to fix that with an eyeglass strap from Croakies, but still, annoying in general.) I can’t wear contacts in the climbing gym because there’s so much chalk dust in the air and my eyes can’t handle the double irritation. So my major goal is to be able to climb freely and enjoy all the scenery in nature without anything in my way. Seeking to free myself from these chains! So glad to be here.


Welcome Carla!

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Welcome :slight_smile:

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Welcome, it sounds like you have made a good start.

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Go, Carla! Welcome fellow N’westerner. I don’t eat pastry generally, but every now and then a naughty nosh is in order…where can we find your work?

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Thanks for the welcome!

My work can be found at: www.honeycrumb.com

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