Hello I'm Dianne

So I am 70 years young. :blush: I had 20/20 vision until I got into my 40’s. First it was for reading, then a tad stronger for distance and early on I started bulking and just kept wearing old prescription glasses until they fell apart. I discovered the Bates Method, then found Thomas Quackenbush’s book. Unfortunately 10 years ago I had a retinal vein occlusion in my right eye. I decided to go an untraditional route with diet and homeopathy and did well for about 7 years. Initially I faced a lot of pressure from traditional doctors threatening blindness if I didn’t comply. About 3 years ago I developed macular edema in that eye. Had one shot in the eye, decided I would not go that route. Faced more scare tactics and have been successfully using the homeopathic Banerji protocols and vision in that one eye is the best it had ever been in the last 10 years. I want to keep what good vision I still have and hopefully even improve it. Maybe I can be a poster child to prove it’s never too late. Aging is not a disease. That’s why I am here. To read, learn, find support and succeed.


Welcome to a 70 year old from a 75 year old. No, it is never too late and I have made good progress in reversing myopia.


Welcome Dianne. Although Ursa has you beat by a few years It is good to know more older woman are still interested in improving their lives.