Hello.... I'm MARE

My name is Mare, born and raised in California USA. First glasses were at age 10 and at age 23, Rx was about -6 when I began career in government finance. The job stayed with me because numbers just love me💙… they practically hug me, plus it subsidized my traveling, sporting events, and eating out craze…the “spend now, you might die tomorrow” free spirited lifestyle🤸💃. Over time my eyes escalated to -10. Not one optometrist remotely suggested I should use a different Rx for computer work.

In Dec 2008 I joyfully had Lasik but was back in glasses after 3 years of 20/20. In 2016, now up to -2.75, Jake’s post on reverse axial elongation popped up when searching for Bates. The never before read info was consoling and fascinating.

I resigned from my job last March when I satisfied the State requirement of finally being supervised by a certified public accountant (CPA) for one year in order to be certified myself. The overwhelming daily emails single-handedly killed my spirit to work in that intense office environment. Most data was accessible to end users yet many emails asked “can you just provide me the data since you know where to find it?” The laziness and ingratitude wore on me. I think I just want the CPA on my tombstone to prove I passed the exam…:stuck_out_tongue:haha, my love affair with numbers has ended for now plus I need to rehab my POST-Lasik -8.5 eyes from the 9-10 hours a day on the computer.

The onset of cataracts and a macular pucker took its toll. I enrolled in Back to 20/20 in May but soon cancelled. Admittedly active focus was becoming challenging with my glasses to fuse the double vision and halo effects from cataracts. I’m using alternative treatments and will decide in Oct if lens replacement is avoidable.

I’m still glad to meet you all albeit I’m quite the oddball. I’ve experienced each emotion of every high myope and hope to contribute in some capacity.:boom::sweat_drops:


Yes tricky when the axial elongation is basically etched in with the LASIK. Unfortunately I’m not aware of any way to reverse the procedure, otherwise that would probably be my first recommendation.

Also daily e-mails and ingratitude! Yes! I finally hired an admin last year since I would have 100% just quit otherwise. People are incredibly lazy, entitled, and just … mean, especially online. Not all of course but enough to where I so often felt that the world deserved whatever it had coming.

Thankfully still too much of a hippie, and building these funnels for the real Le Meow will hopefully help.


Unfortunately the social media generation and the option to remain anonymous gives some people the license to be cruel, especially on YouTube, news media, and sports FB, just because you have differences of opinion or root for another team.

Good call to get admin assistance and not quitting… I’m sure many would be in a different place without EM. I shared at dinner about this little EM community I was invited to and someone asked why you do this for free. I just said you want to save others from having the same thing happen to them. No doubt I could be headed to retinal detachment if I continued wearing my full Rx for computer work.


Great to hear your story Mare. So your post lasik eyes were at -8.5? If I may please ask where are your eyes at now and how long did it take you?


It’s actually post Lasik post cataract…the optos agree prescriptions can only increase that dramatically with cataract. I made 1.5 diopters reduction to -8.5 differentials and had to stop there. These now work great for distance but there are still halos under certain conditions. After I get a test lens kit, I’d like to reduce slightly with maybe astigmatism correction. Good luck with your first reduction… it’s always trial and error so get cheapies.


Well this is very interesting. I wonder but, how does the high myopia affect your daily life personally? Do you get eye-pains a lot or teary eyes? Does it affect your quality of life in any way?

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@Kurbee…in general, my high myopia has always been correctable so quality of life was same, able to enjoy everything I love. It’s the double, sometimes triple images, due to cataract that has been a bummer, but I’m still able to see clear images and function normally.

Hi Mare, I also dis Lasik 8 years ago. After 3 pregnancy my eyesight got worse again. How’s ur eyesight now?

@grace.suryani…my vision is detailed in the Cat-aract thread. I’ll wait until Dec to decide if I get surgery. If you look at my posts in my profile, there are links on ways to minimize risks of cataracts as lasik may increase the risk of getting them. I decided to stay in BackTo20/20 but taking it slow.