Hello I'm Miguel from Portugal

Hello, I’m Miguel from Lisbon, Portugal, 29 year old male and I manage a local construction company.

When I was 12 year old I was diagnosed with myopia and started wearing glasses (don’t remember the rx).

I was adding on myopia every year until 5 years ago it “stabilized” at -3sph -2cyl left and -2 and -1,25 right.

However, when I was around 16-18 year old I went to a summer festival and camped there for 4-5 days (lot’s of outdoor time no screens), when I would come back to town I figured that my vision had improved a lot and was awed… however, it went back to the same thing…

Last year I found about endmyopia but I had a lot of work and I was easily trying to understand how it worked and gradually becoming fond of it.

But it all changed this February when I went to Brazil for carnival (and thus not wearing glasses for several days), I came back with much better eyesight and I was determined to join endmyopia.

However only a couple of weeks ago I ordered my first differentials (this is day two wearing them), I can say I’m feeling good but it’s too soon to say it has improved my vision, however, I think I’m a little bit better.

I dropped 1,25 sph and 0,25 cyl on each side and now I started to take measurements (I still kinda suck at finding out blur horizon).

My favorite outdoor activity is playing football or going to the beach, which I’m really eager to do and learn more about active focus.

Hope my journey goes smooth and my eyesight improves much that I can go out at night and meet new women without contacts or glasses or going to the gym without glasses.


Hi Miguel and welcome! Enjoy your journey of myopia reduction.

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Salve from Brazil.

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Welcome and good luck. After 1 year I went from -3, -2.5 to -1.75,-1.50. The le meow forum can be helpful to keep you at your journey.

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Thanks a lot for your support, I hope to achieve the same results :wink:

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