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Hello everyone! I discovered Endmyopia in the summer, but was so busy I didn’t read up more about it until December, when I started measuring my eyes (3rd Dec.) I think I started active focus on the 11th, but I couldn’t do it much due to my glasses being too strong, so I could only do it without them.

Sometime in the early summer, I think, my glasses, -6.50 sph and -0.75 cyl in both eyes, broke, and I started wearing my previous ones, -6.0 sph and -0.75 cyl, both eyes. I don’t usually convert my centimeter measurements to diopters, so all I can say about my eyes at present is that they are never worse than -7, and my left is never better than -5.25. My right got to -5 on one exciting occasion a few weeks ago. I’ve also noticed how good my eyesight is varies by time of month. Sometimes my eyesight gets better with each successive daylight measurement (I’m doing one in the morning once the sun is fully up, one at midday, one after three while it’s definitely still fully light, and one with the lights on in the evening), and I think it might be because the day was getting brighter. Sometimes my eyes are the same, or as good as. Sometimes they’re as much as a diopter (I think; at least 0.75 diopters) different. Sometimes they both do the same thing between measurements, and at other times one gets better while the other gets worse. I haven’t noticed a pattern; they’re too many variables. I think I’m generally somewhere between -5.5 and -6.5, maybe a quarter diopter higher for my left eye.

I only started measuring my astigmatism on the afternoon of the 17th Dec, and at first my measurements may have been a bit off. Once I’d confirmed my axis (180 degrees both eyes – the same one I was prescribed) I taped down the dial to make sure it wouldn’t turn (I was silly enough to print it on paper instead of card).
At the beginning the highest measurements I got were -1.2 or -1.3 (on one occasion, I think). After the first few days I decided my left eye had the worst astigmatism, but a few more days of measurements caused me to change my mind completely. A few more completely confused me. Now I can say for certain my left is my best eye in terms of astigmatism, but it will occasionally have a higher measurement than my right.

On the 30th Dec. I started wearing an even older pair of glasses so that I could do active focus while I did a bit more research before getting my first differentials. This pair can’t be used for distance vision or TV, being -5.50 sph both eyes and -0.25 cyl right eye, none left eye (and still the usual 180 degree axis, of course). There have been rare occasions, though, when they’ve become an exact and/or over prescription for active focus in the distance in all respects. What distance I can do active focus at with them varies, and it’s always at a middle sort of distance. Since wearing them I have noticed my astigmatism is definitely lower on average. I haven’t been above -1 (right eye) in ages, and I’m hitting the lower numbers way more often. The number I right down most frequently is -0.3. I even get to -0.1 with both eyes sometimes, but never at the same time, with the exception of Friday morning.
I apologize if this is very long.


The only thing you have to apologise for is not using paragraphs. :smile: Paragraphs make a long text much less daunting.

Welcome to the forum. From experience I know that measuring astigmatism is very tricky, so do not be too surprised by big variations. It varies on its own anyway. It really does help to measure cms. In this way you can measure to the first sign of astigmatic deformation or ghosting on text, and then overall blur on the main image. I do this on text printed on paper. There are quite a few people who have figured out how to make a sliding card on a ruler, and at your level of myopia this will work quite well. As mine is ghosting and the ghost image moves away from the main image as I slide the text out, I have to try to ignore the ghost image while concentrating on the main image to see when that starts to blur. I am getting better at this. I gave up on the small astigmatism wheel quite early. It was fine for measuring axis, but not amount of astigmatism.

Good luck. It sounds as if you have started off with much enthusiasm.

Thank you!
I’ve edited my original post to have some paragraphs. I hope that helps.
Funny enough I gave up on the wheel for axis. It varies whether or not I struggle for amount astigmatism.

For the right eye, the axis doesn’t budge. For the left there is quite a bit of variability. This might be on account of compound astigmatism in that eye. It certainly doesn’t help when deciding on a cylinder correction. With the left eye the ghosting is usually to the left, sometimes a little above the horizontal line, sometimes just below, and once even to the right of the main image, but this only happened once. Wobbly corneas. :astonished:

The paragraphing certainly helps. :smiley:

That sounds tricky!
On one or two occasions I’ve had ghosting above the line, but it’s usually below. Yesterday was the most difficult day I’ve had measuring astigmatism, and it was higher on average. While doing active focus on some writing the back of a shoe I saw ghosting to the left. Now, with a 180 axis, I wonder how that happened. The shoe really had quite a ghost. :ghost:

Today I had a very good day for my eyes in general, my midday, and best, measurements being left -5.75 sph -0.3 cyl and right -5.25 sph and -0.1 cyl. It must have been something to do with the sunshine, which we haven’t had in a long time. There’s a reason I started drawing a little picture to indicate the weather beside my measurements I while back. :grinning:

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