Hello Jake!

Hello from Eric

Having an absolute blast with the program so far, and I am very excited to have found Active Focus. I used all of your tips and the great information on the Forum and was finally able to get Active Focus to happen the way you describe it.

Full disclosure I had used Plus Lenses in the past, but thankfully when I read and watched your videos I immediately stopped this practice and vow to follow your time tested and proven wisdom.

So I could do Active Focus from the start but it was only when I opened my eyes really wide and then used medium to hard blink to get the print to clear. I knew right away this is not how everyone on the forum and the course do it, so I scrapped the contorted face technique and just used all the stuff that you recommended and it didn’t work at first but after time, practice, and patients it works just like you described, and it was so exciting.

I have been taking lots of data with regard to my measurements, I love that Meow-sure app by the way.

My prescription is -2.75 both Left and Right, with CYL -.25 Left 110 axis and -.50 Right 70 axis. This prescription is pretty old and my Right eye has always been stronger.

My EM stats are I can comfortably read at 43cm for close up work with no blur with +1.75 reading glasses.

My recent averages for CM are L 43, R51, B47

I can read at 60cm with just starting blur with +1.00 reading glasses.

I haven’t got my differentials yet, I have never used my -2.75 for close up work, I just go without glasses.

My Snellen results for distance are about 20/70 in the left and 20/50 in the Right eye without any glasses.

The good news is my every day glasses only get me to about 20/40 with definite blur.

One question I had is that while doing a lot of Active Focus practice using both eyes I have started noticing that my Left weaker eye is getting left behind. I know from previous EMers that this question has come up and just wanted to know if I should be worried about the gap between my vision growing or not.

I have experimented only a few times with just blocking my right eye partially to allow the benefits of peripheral vision while practicing Active Focus but just wanted to know if this should be avoided. I will always defer the SME and Bearded One as I am sure you have encountered this before.

I wrote in my introduction about how I make my Active Focus routine a kind of game. When I watch TV I lean my IPad against the bottom of the TV screen then measure out the appropriate distance then use this Snellen eye chart app that you can control from your iPhone. When the commercials come on I can practice my Active Focus then change up the Letters from my iphone. It’s kind of silly but really fun, and I find that I can sneakily get in lots of deliberate practice in addition to all the outdoor practice.

Thanks again



Hi Eric, welcome to the community. Are you a course member? If you are and would like to direct questions to Jake you can reach him through the support link when logged into the course page.

I do something like this too though I can’t say if it is quite the same. I call it a tag-in or tagging: Tag-In Method - YouTube, if you want to know more about what is happening here, look up ocular dominance.
Best wishes in your journey

Thanks so much, just asked my question on the support page. Thanks for directing me to the right place. This group of EMers are fantastic, I loved the tag in technique on your channel. Great stuff.

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