Hello, my name is Sadia

I am new to this whole endmyopia community. I am so glad I stumbled upon one video on YouTube that guided me to endmyopia. Before reading and listening to Jake, I always blamed my mother to give me myopia. I always thought that it is genetic and there is no way I can get rid of it. I always hated to wear glasses. I can’t wear contacts for long time either. I can’t wait to throw away my glasses for forever but I am very patient per Jake’s advice as well. I am really looking forward to 20/20 vision so help me God, Amen!


welcome Sadia,

let us know how your journey progresses.

Welcome Sadia- I have already seen progress about two months in officially. I have seen the videos for most of this year and glad to have the step by step program. Honestly for me the hardest part has been getting all the tools collected ( lower prescript contacts, plus lenses for close up, etc) I had gone to a new eye doctor righ before this class became available and was determined to get the lowest prescription I could. Just by communicating to the behavorial optomentrist and having an eye exam done with good lighting in the room!! I dropped one diopter right away- when i ordered my first pair of non prescription glasses and contacts last week I was finally free of the system and felt such hope in regaining my eyes health- glad to have you here too!