Hello, new and excited to join the forum!

Hello all, new and very excited to join this forum. Just started and I am loving this course. I am from Boston MA and fly for a regional airline based in NYC. Found Endmyopia on the internet about a year ago, then decided to do the Le Rough Guide which was awesome by the way and was packed with a lot of great stuff from all you EMers.

I was so impressed with the guide, The Guru Jake and this incredible following of great folks that I joined the Back to 20/20 program and it is awesome!

I am a low Myope about -2.75 in both Left and Right eyes with CYL -.25 Right 110 axis and -.50 Left 70 axis. This is an old prescription and my Right eye is noticeably stronger.

I had done some Plus lens stuff in the past but never really kept up with it, then when I found out all the potential pitfalls that Jake described I immediately stoped using them and put my trust in the Mighty Beard. Lol

I have been really trying to focus on staying true to this time proven program and working on close up habits and measuring discipline.

I am super excited about finding Active Focus, and just want to thank all of you for the great tips that you guys and gals contribute. I cut and pasted all the tips I could find and used it as instruction when trying to achieve Active Focus. I wish I had some tips of my own to add but I only used what was already written about.

About the only thing that I can add so far is that I have made my Active Focus routine a kind of game, which is kind of fun.

With work I spend a lot of time in hotels, so when I watch tv I put my IPad leaning up against the Bottom of the TV and I have a Snellen Eye Chart app that you can control with your phone. So when the commercials come on I can practice my Active Focus and change up the letters with my phone when the print clears. It’s kind of silly but is really fun for me at least.

Anyways thanks again for including me in this awesome group and I will try to contribute as much as I can.



Much appreciate the support, Eric! :pray:

You can also find me over in the support forum anytime, I answer questions daily. BackTo20/20 Session Support – Endmyopia Courses

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