Hello! Newbie here!

Hello from Longueuil, Qc province of Canada! I am 34 years old and myope since forever. At 23 yo ish, i had a retinal detachment in my right eye which led to a surgery and installation of a scleral band. I am a high and very high myope (Lo: -8, RO: -11,25 approx…) I am a musician, graduated from the conservatory of music of Montreal, practicing a bunch of hours every day (3-6 hours a day) for years ! Since i had kids, my myopia almost stopped increasing because i cut that practice time by almost 90%. Facing an increase of floaters after each birth (i have three kids), and the constant fear of blindness and ending with -40 D glasses at 90 yo, i started searching the reasons behind myopia, which i found on endmyopia. WITH A PROTOCOL to make mine ! :smiley: So, here i am, doing a bunch of readings, ordered 3 pairs of differentials with the same frames so i can change the lenses between them if it feels better that way… I am looking forward to know more, and to work on my eyes. Cheers!


Welcome to the forum, and good luck on this journey.