Hello to all you fellow Myopes!

Hi all, never thought I would join a forum but I stumbled into this and can’t look at the world the same way anymore. I’m Heather, I live in the US in the Midwest. I’m an at-home mom to 4 kids and married to a somewhat skeptical, but supportive, doctor

I’m currently at a -4.25 both eyes (less than .5 cylinder so I’m dropping it on my next pair). Typical story, first pair of glasses as an 8 year old, I loved reading and cartoons and drawing so lots of close up.

I’m anxiously awaiting my first differentials. And I’m super excited to be empowered to prevent myopia in my kids! Another awesome reason to get them outside and off the screens!!


Welcome! Do make use of the many available resources as you begin your journey. The wiki is an exceptional resource and among other things (like links to Jake’s videos) it includes a list of student videos that you might find very helpful: https://wiki.endmyopia.org/wiki/List:Community_YouTubers
Bearing in mind that subscribing to EM content on YouTube and giving feedback via likes and when it suits you comments, is one way to help to ensure that the word continues to spread to others, whom would also like to empower themselves and protect their children’s eyes. Best wishes in your journey :slight_smile:


The best time to introduce good vision habits is while still growing, and preventing issues before they get too bad. Good for you for including your kids right away.