Help for my niece

I have been trying to help my niece with her low myopia and recently she went to see an optometrist. He told her she had -.50 in each eye with an unknown slight astigmatism. She had been given bifocals in the past at +1 but at this appointment he did not give her a prescription. He explained to her that when she looks close up at things she crosses her eyes inward and he believes that is why she is seeing misaligned double vision. He wanted her to come back in 3 weeks. She didnt ask alot of questions, so I dont know why she needs to go back in 3 weeks. Perhaps he is looking for a cause. Had anyone else in the group had this experience?

He may be planning to do vergence tests to recommend VT.

Is that what you do? And any advice on that. She doesnt have money or health insurance

I’ve done that in the past.

Basically, for free, he can write her a prescription for a Bernell vergence trainer (anaglyph/tranaglyph) and she can buy it for under $200 (and they’re expensive pieces of plastic, at that). This basically separates two images which must be fused by the visual cortex and muscle control.

It’s a part of what I do; I’m adding prism to it because of the amblyopia/strabismus. It basically “stretches” and “strengthens” (not exactly correct language there, but close) the extraocular muscles so makes it “easier” for the eyes to team at near and/or distance. This possibly reduced the strain and gives her margin for active focus (lens control).

Just one layman’s view of what may be going on, given the original description.

Well it is helpful I tried looking it up but only saw info on stabismus and lazy so I knew that wasnt the issue. So it helps to have a term to look up.

While searching around youtube… so as to save my eyes… I can across a channel myopia profile. It appears that the group is trying to find solutions to stop progression of myopia in patients. This lady spoke about a lot of studies and option to treat and even admitted outdoor viewing is best to keep kids from progressing. A lot of atropine use was discussed and wild ideas like a time release contact using atropine, were thrown out for possible future solutions. But a Las no talking about the endmyopia method. Never the less was interesting hearing what others are doing to try to stop kids from progression to higher dioptors.

Sounds like a good place to share freely the endmyopia site :grin:

I dont believe they actively post to youtube anymore it was 2017 the last time they uploaded a video

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That happens a lot. I’m always liking video channels that have gone silent.