Help Get Us On MOAR Podcasts? 🎙

'Ello, darling kittehz.

Shall we put out another call to community involvement and awesomeness? :thinking:

Behind the scenes, a lot of casting of pods has been going on. I’m counting a whole pile of podcast episodes with some interesting and even influential podcasters, recorded.

Should be trickling into the public space in the coming weeks.

I have a dedicated podcast finding minion here, researching and contacting great podcasts.

BUT. What’s better than all of us, contributing to contacting podcast hosts that we enjoy listening to? Twitter personal messages, Facebook, whatever-social-medias, nudges and listener requests.

To help with this, I have created a podcast host intro page.

YES, it’s a bit cringe. I’m neither Web designer nor wordsmith when it comes to these things, and seeming self-promotion always feels vaguely and totally awkward.

So whatever, but here is that page:

Welcome to add suggestions, ideas, and also note that you messaging your favorite podcast host, might make a difference of possibly thousands (or way more) people finding out about eyeball options, all at once.

You could be the hero of all those eyeballs, with just one well placed message.

Or … I don’t know. But here it is, in case you were feeling charitable and community-outreach-able.


I actually think that page is gorgeous! Looks nice and professional :smiley:
I’ll be on the look for possible opportunities to spam them with it!

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