🎙 Help Me Find Podcast Soundbites? 🤔

Throwing this out there …

So part of the ongoing challenge with endmyopia is, time. I never have enough time to do even a fraction of the things on my own (and probably your) wish list. Things are always half done, pending, sort of working, “in progress”.

One of those things, since the start of the whole podcast thing, has been this:

The podcast episodes are great. I love doing them. But they’re long. Super long. I don’t know about you, but anytime I see a thing on YouTube or online where the time stamp is more than a few minutes, I don’t click. Because, that’s asking for a pretty significant investment, an hour out of the day.

So I’d always wanted to take very short clips, just one minute, two minutes, few minutes, of highlights from episodes. Stuff that’s either interesting, proverbially eye-opening, tempting in some way, share-able, just the little moments that aren’t an hour investment - but rather temptation to take care of them darling eyeballs.

As you may guess though, this does take time. Listen to an hour thing, find the spots, write down the times, cut things out, etc.

It’s one of those things that’s not that easy to outsource either, since ideally it requires a bit of understanding about what we’re after, to be able to efficiently identify interesting bits. @AznDudeIsOn has done a lot of this sort of thing already for example, single handed in his efforts to do time stamps in all podcast episodes you find on YouTube. Awesome stuff.

So … if you feeeeeeeeel like adding something to the mix, soundbites out of podcast episodes might be a nice one. If you don’t know or want to mess around with editing, even just time stamps (“from 11:53 to 12:28 they’re talking about x”) could be great.

Of course as always, otherwise thoughts and whatnots, also appreciated. :wink:


@Dlskidmore mentioned in the fb group that it would help if the automatic cc could be exported somehow from the youtube videos. I’ve found a tool for that: http://ytdl-org.github.io/youtube-dl/download.html

Unfortunately it doesn’t have graphical interface, only console one, so you may need to be a bit tech-savvy to use, though it’s really simply. Just download the windows exe (if you’re on linux I don’t think I have to explain how to use :slight_smile: ) from the link above, put it somewhere, open a console in that folder and use the following command:

.\youtube-dl --skip-download --write-auto-sub $youtube_url 

Obviously for the “$youtube_url” you just replace the full url, like: “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28EoqWiX0ck”. Then press enter. It will result in a .vtt file in the same folder which then you can edit with any kind of text editor, like the built in notepad (not the best) or there are free better alternatives like notepad++ (my favorite) or one called “Atom”. It’s not the best experience, because it’s not just the text but a ton of other information needed to put the subtitles in the correct place, but it’s definitely searchable.

I’ve upload an example (from the podcast with Shelly):

Let me know if there is need to get all of them, I think it would not take too much time for me to get them.


@Dlskidmore getting all of them was easier than I’ve thougth, here’s the transcript for all 26 podcast available (use the download button in the upper right corner to get the zip file):

@jakey: when I’ve exported the transcripts I realized that for some reason some podcasts are in the playlist for multiple times, like Shelly’s 10 times. I’ve realized because I’ve thought there is something wrong with the extractor because the playlist showed 43 videos, while it extracted only 26 transcript :smiley:


I used youtube-dl for the .mp3 EM project, awesome bit of kit. Also @AznDudeIsOn :eyes:


Ok @jakey, I got to one today. I started with Rui’s podcast because that pillar of reality thing really stuck for me

The opening bit you cut in is great I would use that. Also at 10:58 she says “this is a real thing this works…” 23:22 “as long as I know it’s going the right direction…” then at min 48 you start out about the pillar of reality and she responds at min 49. So in that video those are the bits I would cut together, maybe even mash up the order. I’m not ultra sure what the objective is, so just guessing on what you are looking for but hope this helps. I am hoping to go through another one later today or tomorrow.

She was adorable. I clipped the entire thing, but I don’t think that’s what you want.


Okay @jakey for Megan’s podcast
9:16 where she says “it’s kind of a life style change…”
10:05-10:15 “I could see the progress right away”
18:20 "a change of mindset in general
19:24-21:28 great exchange about smart phone addiction in society.

Again still guessing on what you are looking for, let me know how I’m doing in meeting the brief


@jakey Tim

12:45-13:00 he talks about realizing it was working without optometrist
13:33-13:40 he states “it’s not a race…takes however long it takes”
14:30-14:45 “…want to be able to open my eyes and be able to see” (continues to a dress Lasik as a no go through 15:15)
18:16-18:30 you comment about how we can’t talk about EM
19:22-19:28 “I tell them I reduced 2diopter now…”
20:23-21:51 you comment about some optos being supportive but generally not so much

How much are we looking for here? :joy:
Also am I on the right track for what you were looking for? Anyways let me know, then I’ll keep chipping away.


Yes, perfect! Can be also things that they figured out or just otherwise parts that are interesting. Main thing is to get people interesting bits without having to listen to a whole hour - plus maybe tempt them to do so anyway. :wink:


@jakey here’s Audrey (unfortunately this one sound quality is a little low)

6:11-6:58 “Endmyopia makes sense…”
10:00-10:46 glasses free in the supermarket landmark
12:55-13:30 long distance AF and Bates vs EM commentary
16:40-17:56 people with good vision taking it for granted and others not interested enough to commit to change.


:26 General Answer, Do I need a test lens kit?
:40 Low to Moderate Diopters (-1 to -5) Low astigmatism
1:10 Only time really need
1:56 How often will need kit.
2:41 Supportive Friendly optometrist
4:06 2nd Correction = Not a guess
4:33 Optical Quality of kits $100 - $300
5:26 High myopia (-7 and up)
6:36 When useful
8:23 Budget
9:12 High Myopia Contradiction (Quality of Kit)
9:29 High Myopia - Friendly Optometrist
10:44 Collecting Dust

Hope this helps!

Oops, I realize you were asking about the Podcast and not your regular videos but I cannot bring myself to delete it. I’ll see if I can help with some of the podcast.


0:31 Meeting Shelly
1:56 How long it took for improvement?
2:46 Massive screen addiction.
3:51 Improvement by using info from blog. Purchased 20/20 program recently.
4:33 Not needing glasses; putting down; searching for them.
4:43 How much screen time?
6:27 Per Jake not really a lot of screen time.
6:43 Good distance time (2 Hrs)
7:07 Most reductions while working 14 hr days on computer.
7:53 How she went though reductions?
8:11 Sphere & Cyl reduction at same time - slowed her down.
8:29 Equalized - slowed her down.
8:45 Motivated to use differentials as normalized.
9:20 When stopped using glasses for close up?
10:06 Presbyopia Symptoms? (-4.25 Diopters)
10:19 Bifocal Contacts
11:00 Presbyopia age range
11:28 Learning active focus / close Up / Presbyopia takes care of itself.
12:02 High Myopia & High Presbyopia
13:15 Finding Active Focus
13:33 Eye Doctor Fussed at her for using Active Focus
14:53 Buying Glasses Online
16:10 Affiliate Link Troubles
16:44 Wholesale Price Sheets from Optometrist
17:41 Coworker buying $600 glasses experience
19:16 Fan of supporting local businesses
19:59 Eye Health Exam
20:30 Jake like Ophthalmologist for Eye Health Exams
21:30 How long at -1.25 Diopters?
21:59 Cold outside / still getting out for Active Focus
22:22 How often wearing -1.25 Diopters?
22:48 Probably blur adapted / 2nd guessing self
23:16 Jake suggestion for verifying clary spasm from phone screen.
24:57 Dog collar humor to avoid phone screen time.
25:24 Jake avoiding phone screen time.
26:45 -1.25 Diopter Fine Turning Effort
26:58 Phone screen distance vrs. Tablet/Computer screen distance.
27:51 Consistency with avoiding phone screen & Active Focus
28:35 Can have screen time VICE but with bigger screen further away.
30:52 Benefits of Podcast
31:25 Jake loves -1.25 Diopters tweaking.
32:16 BIOHACKING: Continuous glucose monitoring
36:22 Blood Test / Self Experiment
36:39 Cholesterol - http://cholesterolcode.com / Triglycerides
40:02 Found endmyopia.org & dove into researching.
40:56 Make endmyopia easier; Ie Phone APP and smoothing out process.
41:29 Psychological conflict on making “life’s work” on endmyopia too easy with step by step - information is already provided free.
42:55 To reduce myopia, you have to want it.
43:53 Some don’t want to change life to get changes. Everything’s connected / Self Testing / Glucose / Vit D / Rabbit Hole
45:51 Medical Establishment / Jakes parents are doctors.
50:39 Analysis people vrs Non Analysis People; Ignoring “give me the steps” people, however does want to make a more straight forward entry point.
51:04 Measuring App / Gamification / Cost Involved
52:52 Screen use before bed / using Fitbit for phone messages.
54:02 Addictions: Cannot go to dinner with friends without phone is addiction.
58:20 Speaking to others about endmyopia journey.
1:00:29 MUSINGS: Ads; merchandise; bronze statue; reviewer believing “Guru Jake” joke as serious;


Really appreciate these, @Jeanna, and @Lloydmom! :heart:

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@jakey Al-Irfan

4:04-4:47 the road to myopia
10:00-10:46 the journey back begins
11:48-13:31 diffs, normz and finding active focus
18:10-18:36 improvements and AF
25:49-26:42 enthusiastic about new vision


Yay! Thank you for digging into this episode! :grimacing::+1:t2:


@jakey This is was another with audio issues but it isn’t too bad.
3:40-5:47 addressing overcorrection and settling on good normz
7:04-7:50 optometrist insists .25 didn’t matter (as overcorrection) till she asks to take that much off
24:32-25:03 positive mindset, views improvement journey as a gift.

And that is the grab lines for Sharada :grinning:


@jakey This one is muffled and quiet but here’s Guillaume’s cuts
6:47-7:18 discovering EM
13:34-14:12 first time seeing 20/40 without glasses and effects of smart phone use
16:01-16:14 now without glasses 20/25 on chart and 20/20 with AF
19:50-21:01 discovering the eye’s ability to focus even before EM


@Lloydmom, you are doing good work!


@jakey here’s Dave
5:56-6:32 “let go” approach for AF
8:08-9:00 what works
11:38-11:50 more about AF and not over working your eyes
20:33-21:00 force is not AF


So awesome. Now I have a ton of homework doing edits. :joy: