Help me just dont want to go blInd

My right eye is getting worse and worse then left it “happened because i wore new prescription that i clearly see the right was thicker lens it made me a little dizzy so i switched back to my old how can i help this?

How did you get in here missing the whole blog, the videos, the wiki, and the 7 days mail crash course?
It’s all explained in there.

Also, you should introduce yourself and stuff. :nerd_face:

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Well i stumbled apon endmyopia after searching for treatment for myopia i was really interested hoping maybe i could lower my diopers i now am 16 suffering with -7 in left eye and -8 or so in the other i showly realised my vision is getting worse and worse to the point that the right eye is better then the left significantly after i got newly prescribed lense is it possibly because i keep switching back and forth to my old ones then new ones? How can i help this? I dont even know if i really trust endmyopia since many people just say its a completely waste of time

It’s up to you to read clinical studies and the accounts of other people here and come to your own conclusions. I can guarantee endmyopia will be a waste of time if you don’t do research and half-heartedly do things that you don’t really understand and then realise your vision isn’t improving.

Nobody here is going to write you a step by step guide because they’ve mostly already been made.

Well could i possibly use my old prescribed glasses for my normalised or will that be too much for my eyes to handle?

You have to read and understand loads of stuff, that’s just one part of the equation. In my experience answering one question leads to another, etc. You’re better off reading a lot of material so you really know what you’re doing and then asking questions to polish up your knowledge. Check out Jake’s YT channel, blog articles and the wiki.

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Simply the thoughts of fear to be blind will speed things up. Don’t be afraid I’d say. There are people out there with higher diopters. They are not blind. Let things happen.

Many people and their many unfounded opinions are a complete waste of time.