Help! Weird blur on my right eye

So I have been starting endmyopia journey about a month ago, and throughout this one month, I have been recording my eye log, my eyes are at L-4.5 R-5.25 and my normalise are L 4.5 R 5.5, differential L 3.25 R 4.25. My astigmatism is at -1 and it’s the same for my normalise and differential. Weird enough, my right eye is always having more blur than my left eye (no matter I’m wearing differential or normalized). I have been practising 20/20/20 rules and trying to get 1 hr of outdoor activities per day (I’m just playing around my house compound, no worries guys!). My screen time is around 5-7 hours per day. Please help! I’m not sure what’s wrong with my eye :frowning:

? Your normalized are the same as your 20/20 vision?

If you think your right eye has more blur then you need maybe 0.25 more power for it.

You can use glasses without cylinder correction.
You need a distance active focus habit for improvement.

With my normalise I can see 20/40 with no blur, 20/30 not clear, 20/20 bit of blur under artificial lighting

But what would be the reason, if I may ask? because I kept getting number around 19.0cm for my right eye in artificial lighting.

Is that okay? I read that I should be have my astigmatism correction from Jake’s post

Reason for unbalanced sphere values can be:
You started wearing glasses which had unbalanced diopters.
Cylinder less than -1 diopter does not necessary need a correction. For differentials not needed at all.

I see. Well understood. Thank you for your answer!

Will remove the cylinder correction for my next differential :+1:, how about for normalize? is it okay if i remove it as well?

I would say, it depends how clear you want/need to have your vision.
My right eye has -1.25 cylinder and I see the directional blur very strong, but I accept it and I can improve sphere without cylinder correction. Cylinder correction can disturb and confuse while clearing up blur, especially for beginners.
I will use cylinder correction only for improving astigmatism. I think the brain will have it easier that way. With cylinder correction all angles make an additional effect on the vision and can confuse with the clear up process.

Alright, thank you for the useful information!