Help with deciphering my glasses prescription

My optometrist is helping me under correct my eyes, and I recently went to her to under correct my differentials 0.25 diopters. She wrote me up a new prescription and it’s really confusing me. I can see that my new prescription has +1.75 in both eyes (my last prescription was +1.50), so that is correct.

However, there are changes in my cylinder and axis. My previous cylinder was -1.00 in my right eye and -1.50 in my left eye. Now, my new cylinder is -1.00 in my right eye and -1.75 in my left eye.

My old axis was 6 in my right eye, and 5 in my left eye. Now, my new axis is 6 in my right eye, and 180 in my left eye.

Can anyone help me figure out what this means? Did my astigmatism get worse? My optometrist didn’t tell me of any changes in my eyes which is why I’m so confused.

Also, I didn’t tell her to undercorrect my astigmatism, so just in case she overcorrected my astigmatism, should I avoid using my differentials until I book another appointment with her to address this issue?

Your right eye did not change in strength and your left eye increased by 0.25 diopters of astigmatism. Your astigmatism got worse by the smallest amount you could write on a prescription.

Axis wraps around 180 degrees. If a circle (the plane of your eye) is 360 degrees, the axis is the diameter of one side of that circle to the other. Axis values are always written between 1 and 180 degrees, when you get to 181 it just becomes 1. So the axis in your right eye has not changed, and the axis in your left eye has changed by 5. This is a really tiny change that you shouldn’t worry about.

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I’m concerned that since my astigmatism was increased by 0.25 diopters, these lenses might overcorrect me, and therefore make my astigmatism worse. Thankfully, I still have my previous lenses with my old astigmatism prescription. Do you think just using my old lenses would do less harm than using my new lenses? Also, I never told my optometrist to under correct my astigmatism so maybe the reason it got worse was because my left eye was overcorrected the whole time??

They’re really small changes. Personally I’d stick with your old ones and move your screen further away, or look into buying online. I wouldn’t personally accept increases in my correction by an optometrist.

I was leaning towards that as well… I just wish I hadn’t paid for these new lenses