Help with glasses

I ordered 4 pairs of glasses. One of them is identical to my current prescription, just so I could test how accurate zenniopticals is. The other three are lowered prescriptions. My original prescription from my last eye visit (2 years ago!) is -4.75R , -5L, astigmatism in both eyes. (I got my astigmatism records from my mother who’s a doctor and has access to those, but I’m still worried I made the astigmatism corrections a bit too strong.) right now I have them set to -1.5 in my right eye and -1 in my left. Anyway, these are the diopter for my three glasses.
Gray: -4.25 R, -4.5 L

Green: -3.75, -4 L

Red: -2.75, -3 L
Red is for close up, but idk where green and gray come in, I guess it’ll be trial and error. Gray can be normalized and green distance?

*If the astigmatism corrections are slightly too strong, let’s say by .25, do you guys know what effects it has? I’ll double check my eye records but I’m worried about this.

Checked again; astigmatism corrections are accurate. I just have significantly worse astigmatism in my right than my left, even though my eyesight is better in my right slightly.

no diopter specific advice. Read the group rules.

I think its a good approach buying a number of zenni glasses to test what you feel most comfortable in.

Happy experimenting!

Thanks. I didn’t really check group rules, sorry about that. Got hyped from receiving the glasses, I’ll just have to see how this goes.