Here we go, gersus's journey!

Today is the day… that I hope I took my contacts out for the last time!

I started wearing glasses in kindergarten and gas permeable contacts since 8th grade and I’m 43 now.
I started EM this spring. I’ve taken my time and trying to be on purpose with it all.
Ive been wearing +1.5 differentails over my contacts for quite a while, and today, just now, have on my first set of normalized. (The +1.5 differentials were a bit too strong, I could see perfect out to arms length at least)

My previous scrip was
Left -5.5 sph -1.5 cyl 163 axis.
Right -5.00 -.75 cyl 9 axis
I ordered (from Zenni)
Left -4.5 sph -1.5 cyl 163 axis,
Right -4.00, -.75 cyl 9 axis with 1.57 mid index lenses for distance,
and for up close Left -3.25 sph no cyl, right -3.25 sph, no cyl

I listened to Jake and took my contacts out for awhile before trying the new lenses.
when I did put on my new normalized it felt like too much, and I get a big depth perception scenario that hurts my brain. (I’ve had this with past backup glasses).
Tried the new lenses for close up and I feel like they can almost pass as normalized. I feel much less depth perception issue, more blue, more comfortable. Probably a bit too much blur though. I can see well enough to drive but its pushing it. Up close isn’t crystal, which suprises me.

I’m suprised the close up lenses feel so well, especially with no astigmatism correction.
Are these too big of a jump? Order a pair somewhere between the two?
I really hate the weird depth perception feeling. It’s not pleasant at all.

Thanks, this is a great journey!

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Ok, I jumped the gun a bit. I apologize. After wearing these for a couple hours I feel the normalized set is about right. I don’t like the weird depth perception feeling but otherwise ok. The differentials are somewhat ok at a mild distance but up close they aren’t good and don’t do their job, they’re quite blurry when looking at a screen.

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I had the same 3D perception. Yes, that is a strange feeling. I think it is more likely to happen with those who wear contact lenses more often as they have better peripheral vision. I had it most noticeably when I tried plus lenses in front of contacts used as normalised, where the plus lenses took away from vision looking ahead, but still had effortless clarity on the peripherals… I think actually the depth perception is the normal way, we just forgot about it?

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Ohhh interesting. Idk but interesting.