Here's Why (& When) You Need A Second Opinion

You know one of the things I say literally most often (about optometrist measurements)?


Along with, don’t bring your glasses along. Play dumb. Don’t talk about vision improvement. Just, dog ate my glasses, nothing else, sit in the chair, get measurements.

And if the results are :triangular_flag_on_post:, rinse, repeat, with another one.

Because sooner or later, this always happens:

  • First optometrist had her prescription, said myopia wasn’t reducing, she had told him about endmyopia and he was really unkind about all of it. Also diagnosed a medical condition that seemed a bit far fetched - and indeed turned out to be nothing.

Those “air balloon machines” can give drastically different results in both sphere and cyl over a matter of minutes, due to ciliary spasm, accommodation, and instrument myopia. And not just in little kids who can’t sit still and can accommodate 10 D. We are talking adults in their late 30s, etc. don’t ask me how I know, lol.

Unfortunately many optometrists rely on them and then just confirm the results in the refraction. Same can happen with old glasses. A few good practitioners start from scratch when it’s needed.

Great advice.


Yeah they always start with the old glasses. Recently I went to an opto and explicitly asked them to not use the old glasses as a reference and they did anyway