Hesitate to determine the blur horizon on my differential

I hesitate to determine the blur horizon on my differential.
if I push it at a distance of more than 45 cm then it is difficult for me to use the smartphone.
but if I push it just 45cm down I’m afraid I will reduce it too much.
i don’t have a laptop or a computer to work with

Are there any of you who have had success when reducing differential at a distance of blur horizon that is closer than 50cm? like 45cm, 40cm

How far can you see naked eye? I started at -5.0D prescription which barely let me see my phone naked eye. Now I’m in the 35cm range. IMO I won’t have a problem for phone use naked eye until down to to -2.5D baseline.

But that’s how I manage my distances. Naked eye for books and phone use. Diffs for PC monitors at 65-70cm away. Normals for blur horizon at a distance.

Seems to work so far. Eager to try to tackle below -2.5D because that means I’m halfway there :slight_smile:

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@Hoofjr I’m now starting at -5. Still haven’t found active focus. Maybe I haven’t spent enough time outdoors staring at the piece of paper I printed (mosquitoes drive me indoors where lighting is just not good enough).
You know when they train athletes, they sometimes use a clicker to signal to the athlete “you are doing it right”. I haven’t found this “clicker” yet.

@pcitrus You’re not alone mate. I found active focus fairly easily with close up on a PC screen or phone, but just couldn’t get it at a distance for quite a while. Keep at it, one day it will just happen.

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